Earlier today, Ronnie jumped on the Star Saga Kickstarter updates and, in typical Ronnie style, he offered backers a great set of stretch goals when we reach $300,000 and with the rest of the week left, that’s certainly looking possible.

Before signing off Ronnie also mentioned the possibility of not one, but two new expansions and asked for  suggestions. Judging by the comments, it was clear that Rebs were certainly a popular choice, thanks to the mix of alien races included in their ranks, and backers wanted more Nameless.

Well, once again, in typical Ronnie fashion he couldn’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got coming up for the final days of the campaign. At $325,000 we’ll officially unlock one new full expansion, The Devil’s Betrayal, and a mini expansion, Terror in the Deep, which uses the Nameless minions already included in the core pledge.

We’ll have more details on the stories behind these expansions as we head towards $325,000 but you can see a tease of the contents below. The Devil’s Betrayal will be an optional add-on that costs $35, while Terror in the Deep, will be an optional add-on that costs $20 (seeing as the Nameless are already included in the core pledge). Both expansions will have new mercenaries and new missions.

$75 expansions bundle

Once the expansions are locked in, we’ll also introduce a new bundle to get all this great content for a fantastic price. For $75 you’ll get:

  • Retake the Blackstar Station
  • The Devil’s Betrayal
  • Terror in the Deep
  • Beyond Eiras Rulebook
  • Kickstarter exclusive mercenary

So there’s plenty to get excited about before the campaign ends! Take look below for a sneak peek of the new expansions:

the-devils-betrayal terror-in-the-deep expansion-mega-bundle

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