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New Releases for Firefight and Deadzone

3rd Nov 2023

Dan Mapleston

Welcome back everyone. Today we’ve got releases for both Deadzone and Firefight: digital rulebooks, French rulebooks, and a whole bunch of great resin models now available outside of their original kits. Sounds great! Let’s get cracking…

Plague Stage 3A ‘General’

Originally part of this year’s excellent new Deadzone Starter Set (The Fall of Omega VII), this burly commander has smashed his way out of the box, and is now available separately to add to your Deadzone and Firefight Plague forces!

The chaotic nature of a Plague force makes determining their exact command and control mechanisms difficult to establish. Although many incursions will be fronted by a towering Stage 1, there are also recorded instances of forces being almost entirely made up of Stage 3’s. In these cases, witnesses claim to have seen formerly respected corporate officers actively directing their infected comrades into battle.

Matsudan Character: Ota Sora

It’s hard not to love a giant sumo-wrestling space lizard! The Matsudan have been a hit with Asterian players since they appeared in Deadzone and Firefight, but their gaming origins trace further back to both DreadBall and Star Saga! Now unleashed from the 2023 Starter Set (The Fall of Omega VII), Ota Sora is ready to bring an honourable death to his foes in Deadzone…

The House of Sora was once prominent on the world of Neo Matsudo, but recent turmoil has seen that position reversed. Ota Sora would dearly like to lead his House back to power but must first prove himself as a worthy warrior and capable leader. Thus he travels the GCPS to perfect his martial skills, and to understand the true nature of his enemies and the wider galaxy.

Marauder Commando Captain

Breaking out of the Marauder Commando Starter, you can tell this fella means business. He’s got the hat, the coat, the medals, and even his very own ‘tactical rock’…

Ranks have existed within the Goran military since they were imposed by the GCPS training regimen. Although the days of Corporate oversight are long since passed, the Marauders retain the same command structure. To attain their rank, Commando Captains must not only be skilled and brutal warriors, but incredibly shrewd tacticians. As a result, many Commando Captains would be considered tactical geniuses by GCPS standards – if they were aware of the orcs’ actual level of intelligence, that is.

Marauder Mawbeasts

Who let the dogs out? Our resin mawbeasts were originally available within the Deadzone Marauder Commando Starter, which is fine until you want lots of them – which you probably do for Firefight! So here you go, a whole pack of them: every pet-sitter’s worst nightmare…

Marauder Mawbeasts are infamous in the Outer Spheres. Resembling enormous canines, each one is a frenzied mass of fur-covered muscle and gnashing razor-sharp teeth. And these are the normal ones. Like everything else that lives on Gora, the mawbeast is notoriously hardy. Many orc warlords have taken advantage of this to enhance their already quite deadly animals with bionic parts.

Firefight: Command Protocols (Digital)

This year’s Command Protocols book has gone down a storm, polishing Firefight into an extremely fun, engaging and slick sci-fi battle game. ‘Miniatures Game of the Year’ in fact…have we mentioned that at all? Maybe just once or twice…

Containing both the Rulebook and Force Lists, Command Protocols is available as a physical book, on the Mantic Companion, and now we’re making them available as a digital file as well – all because we like to spoil you for choice. However you check out these rules, make sure that you do – it’s a real game-changer for sci-fi tabletop battles and we have big hopes and ideas for the future!

Deadzone Rulebook & Force Lists (French)

Oui c’est vrai: Deadzone’s core books are now available in French for all our players at the other end of the Channel Tunnel!

You can enjoy these either as physical books, or as digital files, and we hope this will also make it easier for you to recruit your French friends to the cinematic, fast-paced, competitive game that we all love!