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New Year, New Game: Warpath

2nd Jan 2017


For those of you of a Sci-Fi gaming orientation, 2017 is going to be a great year. Mantic’s Sci-Fi wargame, Warpath will hit stores in April, alongside a slew of new releases to accompany the game. Set in the same shared universe as Deadzone, DreadBall and Star Saga, Warpath scales up the conflict between the various races to all out war, wherein the fates of whole planets hang in the balance. But in a galaxy where even planets can be bought and sold, life is cheap.

A New Kind of War

Warpath comes in two variations. The first, which just holds the title of ‘Warpath’ is designed for massive sci-fi battles. Units are abstracted into teams, streamlining play and allowing you to scale the games you play up to apocalyptic levels. Whole platoons of infantry march into battle alongside sophisticated war machines weathering orbital fire from enemy spacecraft. This is the mass-battle gaming at its best.


Warpath: Firefight is for those who prefer a more in-depth experience in their sci-fi wargames. Units are comprised of individual models, led into battle by heroes and commanders instructing troops on the ground. These games tend to be smaller than Warpath games, but no less exciting for it, as you can focus on the finer details, rather than the wider conflict.

Combined Arms

Both games feature the same seven armies to choose from: Asterians, Enforcers, Forge Fathers, GCPS, Marauder Mercenaries, Plague and Veer-Myn. They also share common mechanics, from the basic combat rules to the innovative orders system, that allows you to gain a tactical edge over your opponent. This makes it easier to switch between games as required, or even use one force across both systems.


As both games share models with Deadzone, you can easily convert your Strike Teams into larger forces simply by adding a few core troops (and maybe a vehicle). All you’ll need to get started is a copy of the rulebook and a set of command dice. The sourcebook is a must for any Mantic Sci-Fi fan, giving the very first comprehensive look at the Warpath universe as a whole, from the creation of the Enforcers to the failures to contain the Plague.

Fire Support

April will have the core releases for the game – rulebooks, sourcebook, command dice and game tokens, so everyone can get started. Throughout the year, each faction will receive reinforcements from new specialised troopers – like the Forge Father Hammerfist Drop Squad – and mighty vehicles – such as the Enforcer Interceptor.

Finally, Warpath will bring a new faction into play with brand new Hard-Plastic models and rules for Deadzone, too. The GCPS, the might of humanity itself, will be deploying into dropzones near you, with hi-tech laser weaponry, devastating heavy weapons and elite Rangers to annex any world the corporate masters of humanity want.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your rifles, man your tanks and join the Warpath!