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Nightstalker Staff Showcase

18th May 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey, Jonny here, 

We are not short of Nightstalker fans here at Mantic HQ and with the awesome new hard plastic sprues and new range hitting the shelves, we thought we should show off our efforts.


“I’ll name and shame myself from the start, I had hoped to have at least a unit or two of Reapers built and painted ahead of this showcase, alas, here is the one “test model” I managed to get done. With the new plastic Reapers and Butchers now available, I was keen to take my existing Nightstalker army in a different direction. Ever since pricking myself on the first lot of test shots we received at HQ, I have lovingly referred to the new Reapers as “Pointy Bois” and so I just had to make a new list that is crammed full of both Reapers and the new Tormentors.

I have opted this time to go with a more horticultural theme than the typical ethereal or bloody tropes, think “Little Shop of Horrors”. There will be lots of vines and carnivorous plants on the basing and I’m making good use of the Pumpkin heads on the Scarecrow frame!

This fella will be getting a dust down and a new lick of paint too, so keep an eye out and see if I actually get it finished this side of Halloween!”


For my Stalkers, I wanted to try a blend of purples and pinks – with either some flesh or green splash colours to make them stand out.  The New models were awesome to paint, lending themselves well to blending and speed paints!

I think my favourite part of this army was painting the new Fleshripper – it’s a really cool model that has tons of hidden little details that you can really play with.

I’ve left my bases blank for now, as I can’t decide on the final basing scheme, I was thinking some cool Jungle themed bases using the new Sci-Fi TC3 Trees that come out later this year would work well.


“Here are most of my Nighstalkers. I say most as Jonny was unable to fit them all into his picture (a second Shadowhulk, Terror, doppelgangers, fiends, shadowhounds and phantoms). They have been a labour of love over the last few years and I enjoy adding new stuff to it from time to time.

The latest bits are the new Void Lurker, the Butcher Fleshripper (out later this year) and a horde of Ravagers. I have two hordes of new butchers and two regiments of Tormentors built and ready for painting too!”


We are yet to send some of the new hard plastic kits over the pond to Kyle (it’s fun to watch him beg) but he has amassed quite the force already.

“I’ve got some older models for Nightstalkers painted up but I would like to collect some of the new frames and get working on them because I intend to use them for my Twilight Kin later in the year. I’d like to do a different paint scheme for the TK so I’m excited for the changeup.”

Watch Jonny unbox the New Mega army in this video and if you Like, Subscribe and Comment on the YouTube Video you could be in with a chance to win that very box!

Who thinks we should send Kyle some new frames and see what great paint schemes he can come up with? 

If you enjoyed this little behind the scenes view of what the staff get up to in their spare time, stay tuned because we have set ourselves a fun little challenge that we will be announcing later this week! 

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