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On the 12th Day of Xmas: Special Announcement

5th Jan 2024

Dan Mapleston

Welcome everyone,

Thank you for following this series of preview blogs – it’s all been building up to this!

Formal announcement incoming in 3…2…1…





Today, UK-based tabletop studio Mantic Games announces a partnership with 343 Industries to launch a brand-new Halo miniatures combat game.


Launching directly to retail in September 2024, Halo fans can eagerly look forward to amazing Spartan miniatures that bring Halo multiplayer battles to life in an expertly crafted team combat game experience for tabletop newcomers and veterans alike.


“We are thrilled to team up with Mantic Games to bring a new Halo tabletop game to fans in 2024”, said John Friend, Head of Halo and Xbox Consumer Products. “Mantic is a leader in tabletop gaming, and their quality and experience show through in all their work. I’m most excited in this case about their passion for the Halo franchise and for bringing Halo gameplay to tabletop gaming in an incredibly authentic way.”


We’re extremely excited to be partnering with 343 Industries on bringing Halo to tabletops everywhere”, said Ronnie Renton, CEO and founder of Mantic Games. “Having a firefight play out on the table while moving Spartans in and out of cover connects players to the action in a new and special way. We have a thrilling and competitive game, from a passionate team of talented sculptors, artists, and designers who have been building an incredible Halo experience.”


Mantic Games and 343 Industries will be pulling back the curtain soon on this exciting new addition to the Halo universe. Halo and miniature gaming fans around the world can expect their first preview of the new game in March 2024.

Well there we go – it’s out in the open now! While we aren’t revealing any more just yet, we are extremely excited to be sharing this simply incredible game with you later in the year.

Best wishes,

Team Mantic