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On the 6th Day of Xmas: Dungeon Saga Origins

30th Dec 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hi everyone,

It’s time to look at another fantastic treat heading your way for 2024: Dungeon Saga Origins.

This 1-5 player dungeon-crawling extravaganza was backed on Kickstarter in March 2023 by over 4,000 gamers that believed in our vision of a nostalgic dungeon adventure with awesome miniatures and smooth, modern, accessible rules. You can see the campaign video below!

Shipping is now mostly completed, and we’re hearing great stories and reviews from those of you with the game already.

We’re particularly excited that the game (at time of writing) already has an 8.2 average review score on BoardGameGeek, and we hope this means that a lot of gamers will get to discover and enjoy all the fun secrets and twists it has to offer!

So where can you get a copy? Aside from waiting for the retail release of the base game, we have a few extra copies of the Legendary Edition available to pre-order (which includes the base game + 3 expansions). These are left over from where we rounded up for the Kickstarter print run, and you can still reserve one if you’re quick…

A Blast From The Past

However, we can’t start talking about Origins without first paying tribute to its widely-loved predecessor, Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest!

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest was a hugely popular dungeon crawler that we’ve kept reprinting just to keep up with demand over the years! However, we believe in constant improvement and have learned A LOT since it was designed back in 2014…

This meant that it was time to take things back to the beginning, with a whole new level of gameplay and component polish. As we didn’t want to just go over old ground, it was time to bring you and your families an origin story this time – set before the events of the original. And so we proudly present…

Dungeon Saga Origins

Orlaf (the barbarian), Danor (the wizard), Madriga (the elf) and Rordin (the dwarf) may be old friends to your gaming group, or brand new acquaintances. Either way, it’s time to experience the very start of their adventures together. All from very different backgrounds, they will have to learn to work and fight together if they want to survive the perils of Dureg’s Halls…and that’s just for starters!

You’ll be battling monsters, looting treasure, and exploring the secrets of a wide range of dungeon maps – and generally having a brilliant time! This kind of adventuring is perfect for gamers aged 10+, and we really see the game as a great fit for board-gaming families.

With this in mind, we’ll give you loads of challenges to overcome together – but they come from interesting decisions and tricky scenarios, and not from a super-complex ruleset that needs consulting every 5 minutes!

Raising The Bar

This was also a chance to go back and show what we can now do with board game miniatures. As you can see below, with the expertise of our sculptor Luigi, we can now translate our initial concept ideas into really wonderful playing pieces.

A Box Of Treasures

But (of course) you’ll be getting far more than just a couple of goblins! The Legendary Edition of Dungeon Saga Origins is absolutely packed with brilliant miniatures, spanning four main (alliterative) story arcs: Trial of Tyranny, Glimmer of Greed, Daughters of Doom, Mirror of Malice….and there’s even one more (extra hard) set of scenarios in the Legendary Edition for those of you who survive all the trials of Pannithor’s underworlds!


Coming To A Store Near You

In April, there will be a core retail edition in a box that’s sure to awaken memories of your younger dungeon-delving self. And this time you can bring your family along for some treasure-taking, door-destroying, skeleton-smashing fun!

The retail edition of the game is launching at the same time as the first (goblin-filled) expansion, Glimmer of Greed, so you’ll have plenty of adventurous quests to get stuck into from day one.

The Digital Overlord

Dungeon Saga Origins will also be accompanied by the (optional) Digital Overlord, which takes over map management, status saving, and quest voiceover narration. It will be accessible across phones/tablets/computers as long as they’re internet-connected, and here’s a sneak peek below for you!

Summing Up

So, let’s slot Dungeon Saga Origins into our Jan-June 2024 roadmap. We’ll keep fleshing this out as we release more of these preview blogs!

As you can see, there’s lots more tabletop fun still to be revealed…

See you all in 2024,