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On the 7th Day of Xmas: The Walking Dead in 2024

31st Dec 2023

Clive Stone

Hi everyone,

In the realm of tabletop gaming, enthusiasts and hobbyists alike have long awaited the return of a fan-favourite – The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game…

And now, it’s coming back:

A Glorious Return

With 2024 marking the resurrection of this iconic game, we’re all gearing up for another thrilling journey into a post-apocalyptic world filled with walkers, survivors, and strategic challenges.

First released in 2016, The Walking Dead miniatures game captured the hearts of tabletop gamers everywhere with its immersive gameplay and attention to detail. Set in Robert Kirkman’s gritty and unforgiving universe, the game allows players to recreate the tense and dramatic scenarios seen in the popular graphic novels.

The revival of the game brings with it a palpable wave of excitement and anticipation. We plan to re-release all the previous waves, with pre-orders going live in early 2024.

This will be your chance to order anything released to date, from the very first wave all the way through to brand new miniatures.

New Players

We’re making sure that anyone can jump into The Walking Dead miniatures game.

There will be a choice of three ways to get started :

  1. a brand-new Collector’s Set
  2. a refreshed All Out War Anthology with all the rules & expansion content
  3. a brand-new Essentials Box

The new version of the Collector’s Set will have everything you want in one box (rules, minis, terrain and more). In contrast, the Essentials Box will be ideal for anyone who just needs rules, dice, and tokens to get playing.

New Content

The return of The Walking Dead miniatures game wouldn’t be complete without exciting new content.

2024 will introduce The Commonwealth alongside new storylines that allow players to explore uncharted territories, and face fresh challenges from both walkers and other survivors…

The Timeline

We’ll be revealing the new range in January 2024, and taking early pre-orders so we know how much stock to bring in of the original release waves.

We then plan to build and deliver all of this alongside The Commonwealth wave when it launches in early Summer 2024. At around the same time we will run a survey to make sure our future plans are in line with what the community wants to see next.

After all those pre-orders have been fulfilled, we will open up the chance for everyone to order individual survivor (or walker) miniatures outside of box sets or bundle deals.

Digital Support

As with all our current miniature games, you can also expect support via the Mantic Companion.

We’re planning a handy collector’s tool that will help keep track of your collection, allowing you to easily find and order any The Walking Dead miniatures that you’re missing.

Below you’ll find an early mock-up of how we might highlight the miniatures that you own in the Companion. We’re still trying out ideas for this, and it will improve as we get closer to release.

Fight The Dead, Fear The Living

As The Walking Dead: All Out War shuffles back into the spotlight in January 2024, we can all really feel the excitement building among the tabletop community.

So, let’s add this exciting re-launch to the 2024 Mantic Roadmap:


New challenges are coming for veteran players, and newcomers will at last be able to jump on board and enjoy all the unique tactical challenges of this very special game.

See you in 2024,