It’s Deadzone: Outbreak week all this week on the Mantic Blog! We’re celebrating the release of the brand-new supplement, Deadzone: Outbreak, which is available to order now. This is one of the most significant releases for Deadzone since second edition came out in 2016. Inside the 88-page supplement you’ll find:

  • updated faction lists for each faction
  • a new unit or two for most factions
  • updated scenarios
  • new scenarios
  • new items
  • new abilities
  • two new factions: Mazon Labs and Nameless
  • new Elite Lists

As you can see from the list above, it’s absolutely packed with great content. However, just in case you need more convincing this week we’ll be running through some of the highlights. In today’s blog we’re looking through the updated scenarios.


Cast your mind back to the original rulebook you’ll hopefully remember there were four scenarios:

  • Patrol
  • Scour
  • Breakthrough
  • Search and Destroy

Once Deadzone Second Edition was release it became clear that these scenarios were not particularly well suited to tournament play. This was compounded by the fact that the tournament scene tended to embrace larger strike team size of around 200 points. With that in mind, one of the initial objectives of the Deadzone Rules Committee was to tweak the original missions to make them more suitable for tournament play.

This means in Outbreak, you’ll be able to play Patrol 2.0, Scour 2.0, Breakthrough 2.0, and Search and Destroy 2.0. In Patrol and Scour, this means you’ve got more space to deploy your troops. After all, 200pts means you’ve got a lot more units to squeeze into the cubes. Meanwhile, elements such as the win conditions have been changed for Scour. In the original you had to move your miniatures off the playing area, which wasn’t great as it left you short if you had to get stuck into a fight. In the new version, you just return them to your cache. This means you can get straight back into the thick of it.


Alongside the four revised scenarios, there are also four brand new missions – bringing the total to eight. The new missions are:

Scatter – the tactical objectives in this section of the Deadzone have been scattered throughout the area. To locate and claim them quickly, you have split your strike team to cover a larger distance. This means you’ll have two deployment areas.

Divide & Conquer – intel from troops on the ground suggests that this area contains several tactical locations that are key to securing the Deadzone. There are four sets of objectives to capture, but they’re grouped together on either side of the board. Good luck securing them all!

Invade – your spies in the Deadzone have reported enemy forces have recently captured some essential equipment and are now removing it to their base. In this mission there are 4pt objectives… but they’re right next to your opponent’s deployment zone.

Occupy – it’s almost time for you to leave the Deadzone behind and remove your valuable assets from the planet. Unfortunately the only safe landing point is in the middle of a battlezone. Here you’re going to be protecting four 2pt objectives right in the centre of the playing area. With this mission you’re not going to be able to sit back and shoot your opponent. You need to get moving right from the start.


You can find out more about the new missions by checking out the Outbreak review by Coach over on Family of Gamers777

Plus, see the new Divide and Conquer mission in action over on Weight of Fire.

Deadzone: Outbreak is available to order now from your local game shop or the Mantic website. Remember, you can also save 20% on Star Saga by using the code OUTBREAK at checkout on the Mantic store. We’ll be back tomorrow with another exciting instalment!

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