Welcome Coaches to the OverDrive Locker Room! This is the place to come for exclusive sneak peeks at the players you’ll be battling it out with in the arena when OverDrive launches this September. In each blog we’ll be taking a closer look at the background, stats and tactics for each player. Today we’re diving into the shark tank with KARADON!

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If you want to learn a bit more about how the game plays, before reading about each character, check out this video from Blackjack Legacy, which explains the basics.


No one has such a fearsome reputation in the OverDrive leagues as Karadon. Often found circling the arena before diving in for the kill, Karadon’s ability to bring down even the toughest opponents is something to be admired… and feared. Perhaps his only downfall was a foolish attempt to bite down on Brank Reborn’s arm during the inaugural PiZ’zor Express Invitational Rumble. The powerful bite shattered most of Karadon’s teeth, leaving him less than effective for the rest of the match. Undeterred, Karadon replaced his broken teeth with solid neodurium – normally used to make the indestructible OverDrive pitches – and now even Brank braces itself when Karadon swims into view.


On the surface, it may not look like Karadon is that much to be feared – after all, a 4+ Strength is pretty average. However, only a fool would underestimate Karadon, thanks to his Bloodlust ability, which allows you to re-roll one missed die on a Slam. One die may not sound like a lot, but remember that OverDrive features exploding sixes – so there’s a 1/6 chance you’ll get a six and then roll another die. We’ve often seen one or two successful hits quickly spiral into four or more successes thanks to Bloodlust.

Karadon is also one of the quickest Players in the opening line-up. A movement of 5 and the ability to Dash on rolls of 4+ means he can get into the rear of his targets with relative ease. And once again, if you’re in the rear of your target, the Bloodlust ability can really start to play havoc!

Things get even tastier when you look at Karadon’s OverDrive ability, which grants a +2 modifier on Slams against opponents that have suffered damage. That means Karadon would be rolling three dice as standard, +1 die if he moved during the Slam and +2 for the OverDrive ability – taking him to a whopping six dice! And don’t forgot, if one of those die miss, he can re-roll with Bloodlust. As a result, Karadon is certainly a mid to late game expert. When some of your opponents have started to take a damage counter or two, he can unleash his OverDrive and cause absolute havoc. Even defensive Players like Dozer and Brank Reborn need to be on their guard with Karadon in the arena.

Overall, Karadon is one of the most of the deadliest Players in the core set. With decent movement and an OverDrive ability that can easily take out an opponent, Karadon is a lethal addition to OverDrive.


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