So, as you may have read last week there’s a staff tournament taking place this Friday.  I hadn’t planned to take part as I won’t have an army ready.  But several people asked, and my arm was twisted. By which I mean free pizza was offered [Ed – hang on, why aren’t I getting free pizza? I’ll threaten not to play goblins]

Now, at the time of writing, I have less than a week to build a 2,300 point army.

Thankfully I already own all the bits I need, so that’s a good start.  I had planned to try and finish this army by the end of the year so at least I will still meet that goal, right?  RIGHT?  Nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind.

I’m actually well on the way for basic construction, I’ve got two more hordes to assemble and that’s it.  I do intend to do an awful lot of greenstuffing though, and that will be tricky to do in time. I may have to pin everything to multibases, so that I can remove them again and finish up after the tournament.

The army itself is a Gaelic-themed ogre force. Some of you may have seen the progress of it on the forum. I’m not concerned about it being overly competitive, only fit for the theme. I wanted to do away with the more crude looking weapons, and give them a slightly more advanced feel. So long rifles instead of heavy crossbows, claymores instead of the two handed cleavers, that sort of thing.

Painting wise, they aren’t going to be my finest work, honestly. I often like to say that the best armies, are ones that are painted. It doesn’t matter how well you think your skill measures up to others, if you’ve completed an army, you’ve done a wonderful job.  I’m trying to follow my own advice now, and just get them done, to whatever basic a standard.  Hopefully they pass the ‘three foot test’ of at least looking decent and cohesive across a table. In future if I get the chance I’d like to revisit them and make improvements.

As this is an ogre army, with the very special warlock model, and free pizza, there’s really only one more thing I can say…

The pie,
The slice,
The Bite,

Created to commemorate the passing of a true Kings of War legend: Jesse Cornwell. This new ogre warlock was designed with Jesse to represent his favourite Kings of War faction to ensure that, even if he can no longer be with us, Jesse will always be a much-loved part of the Kings of War community. Mantic will donate 25% from the sales of each model to a charity chosen alongside Jesse’s family.

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