Martin here! As Rob mentioned on Monday, there were some of us who wanted to try some new things for the staff tournament and not just play the same old armies (cough goblins cough) so I’ve been trying to push on and get my new Riftforged Orcs to a degree of completeness.

So let’s take a look at what I am looking to take for only my second outing with the Riftforged Orcs…

The core of my army is the two hordes of Riftforged Legionaries with support from the Stormforged Shrine. I have made my own Shrine using some Terrain Crate spares, whilst we wait for the amazing official one to be released in 2022. In close proximity to that core will be the mounted Riftforger and Thonaar to make use of the Host Shadow Beast that the Shrine can dish out. Turning those into rather potent units.

Outside of that core, I have a work in progress Storm Giant to add even more punch, especially using Slayer against Large/Monstrous Infantry, Large Cav, Monsters and Titans.

The most exciting part of my army are the two highly mobile Battlegroups I have put together, to hopefully cause mayhem in the backlines of my opponents. These two battle groups consist of a troop of Riftwalkers, a Stormbringer on Helstrike Manticore and a horde of Helstrikers. These will be built from spares I have ‘borrowed’ from the Studio. Again all work in progress as I have run out of time to make and paint them for Friday!

I am happy with the progress made so far. Getting over my usual hump of painting all the infantry early has been encouraging and looking forward to painting some big beasties! Roll on Friday.. TO BATTLE!!

With twisted bodies animated by the power of a raging storm, their souls infused with very essence of the Nexus, the orcs that emerged from Garkan’s flesh forges were unlike any that had come before them. Their cracked skin was of a green-grey hue, and broader, more muscular, and yet possessed of a cruel cunning and impressive martial prowess, these ‘Riftforged orcs’ were truly Garkan’s finest creation.

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Over myriad campaigns spanning many years, the Riftforged orcs fought battle after battle in Garkan’s name, hunting in the second circle, braving the fires of the fourth circle, enduring the tortures of the third circle, and battling the champions of the fifth circle.

In the Abyss, death is not the end, and so the orc warriors fought, and fell, and rose to fight again, each resurrection making them stronger, cannier, and more skilled. In those campaigns, veterans emerged from the ranks, along with great leaders and shamanic Stormcallers.

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