It’s almost time to begin the battle for Starfall. The Deadzone summer campaign launches August 20th – so we thought we would give you a sneak peek of the website before it goes live. There are still some work in progress elements in the screenshots below but everything will be ready for Monday (honest).

Just in case you didn’t read our previous blog, the summer campaign is set on the planet Starfall. This was introduced in a free Firefight supplement we released earlier this year. If you missed out on the physical copy of the booklet, you can download it here. This previously backwater planet has become the centre of attention since the arrival of the Nameless and is now a hotbed for conflict.

Once you launch the website, you’ll be greeted by this intro screen. In the top right there’s also the option to register for an account. This is very straight forward and the good news is that once registered you’re not restricted to just one faction. During the course of the campaign you can change your faction as many times as you want. Towards the bottom of this page there are also ‘how to play’ videos and a guide about how to get started in the campaign.

If you want to learn more about Starfall there’s a campaign debrief that gives a little more background about the planet.

However, this is when it really gets serious – the campaign page. Here you can see the planet Starfall and any current special conditions. The way the campaign will work is that each Monday at 8pm (UK time) we’ll unlock a new area, so the campaign locations will grow over time. Each of these new locations will come with their own scenario and any special rules associated with that location. The first week will be nice and simple with a Patrol 2.0 mission, but things are going to get interesting as the weeks tick by. Keep checking in each week to see how the campaign is progressing.

As conditions change on the planet, we’ll be updating participants with regular news bulletins. These can also be updates about how the campaign is progressing overall and which faction is performing well/badly. Keep checking back to see what the latest developments are.

As well as individuals taking part, we’re keen to encourage stores to get involved. If you run a gaming store, you can register on the site and then the details will appear in the ‘game stores’ section. Encourage your customers to play in the store and fight for the fate of Starfall.


Here’s an example of the results submission page. We wanted to keep this as simple as possible. So one player can enter the details on behalf of those taking part – this will certainly make it a lot easier for any tournament organisers to easily submit their results. Once you’ve submitted a result, it’ll be checked behind the scenes to make sure everything is accurate and the stats will then be entered into our very complicated campaign system. The overall battle results will be processed each morning, rather than in real time, so stay tuned for regular updates.

As well as the results, you can also submit your own battle report. If you’ve got a video, you can link to that or you can submit a written report with pictures. We can’t wait to hear about all your exciting skirmishes!

One of the reasons why you should submit a written battle report or video is that each week we’ll be handing out different ‘hobby awards’. These awards could be anything from a nicely painted strike team, to a fantastic battle report and lots more. The best thing is that we’ll be awarding prizes each week too! The more reports you submit, the more times you play or the more hobby content you produce, the more likely you are to win.

The Battle for Starfall website will go live on Monday, August 20th. Keep checking social media to hear once it’s gone live and we’ll see you soon on the frontline.


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