Get Ready for Christmas: Posting Dates, Points & Wishlists

4th Dec 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hi everyone,

It’s December, so now we can finally talk about Christmas – not that it stopped us when we revealed the Bar Room Brawl advent calendar in the summer…

For those of you who managed to grab a copy, we hope you’re enjoying the experience of building your game piece by piece through December – ready to enjoy some fantasy tavern mayhem with your family and friends on the 25th. If you missed it, do check around online as some of our retail partners may still have a few copies left. And given the positive reception, we already have some very cool ideas for next year!

So, let’s get ready!

First Things First: Posting Dates

Monday 11th December is our last recommended ordering date to get your deliveries before Christmas Day.

After this, some locations may still be possible so please place your order anyway, we’ll do everything we can, and at worst you’ll get your parcel of awesome hobby goodies in January to kick off 2024 in style!

And finally, remember that we offer FREE SHIPPING on larger orders. If you’re logged in with your location, as you fill your webstore cart an on-screen pop-up will tell you how close you are to getting all those goodies shipped for free – and by a more reliable delivery service than these two little fellas below…

Going Shopping? Cash In Those Reward Points!

Did you know that you earn online Reward Points on every purchase you make on our webstore? Not the little tokens on our boxes…those are something else.

Reward Points are a way for us to thank you for supporting our games, our vision, and our team. If you didn’t know about them already, then you may be in for a very nice surprise…

Now’s the time to cash them in against things you want, and treat yourself to a cool hobby project for those rainy (UK), snowy (US), or oddly sunny (AUS) afternoons at this time of year.

Just CLICK HERE and log in to see your balance – and make sure to use them before they expire. We even give you points just for registering as a new customer (see below)!

Sharing Ideas? Send Them Your Wish List!

“Have you got any ideas for Christmas yet?” – your family member asks for the hundredth time…

Well, it’s time to sort this out the easy way! Underneath all of our cool games and hobby kits on the webstore, there’s a little ‘heart’ button. Click that, and you can add these items to a wishlist.

These then all neatly collect together – just CLICK HERE to see the list you’ve built. There may even be things on there you’ve picked out before!

Then, you can digitally share the list by clicking on the share buttons – or (our favourite), print it out and leave copies strategically around the house in surprising places…

Have fun everyone!

Team Mantic