Forge Lord:                                              155

Smoke Grenades                                            5

Stormrage Heavy

Weapons Veterans:                             185

Steel Warriors:                                      105

Huscarl Upgrade                                        75

Smoke Grenades                                           5

2 x Autocannon                                           40

Valkyr:                                                        60

Hammerfist Drop Troops                250

Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm

Weapons Platform:                            120

Magma Cannon Upgrade                          0


TOTAL                                                          1000

John Jack here! GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! I’m trying this out for the heavy amount of suppressive firepower that the Stormrage Veterans can have. 4 have autocannons along with the Forge Lord upgrade to keep them calm, cool, and collected. (And shielded.) The Huscarl upgrade to a unit will give me a total of 5 Command so, that’s a fair amount of dice to be tossing about.

The Valkyr should be a interesting choice to try to get around the battlefield quickly since the standard Forge Father is built for running short distances and not cross country.

The Drop Troops will also, hopefully, be a solution to getting to things a little more quickly than foot slogging along. Forge hammers are for konking targets that get too close and the inferno drill for infernally drilling into crunchy metal opponents.

The weapons platform will be my covering fire unit to keep my sloggers a little more coveres while they gradually make their way about.

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