Alright, alright, alright my friends!  This week we’re going to talk about the Warpath and Deadzone events we have for Gen Con.

So starting early Thursday morning at 8am we have Warpath: Learn and Play!  All materials will be provided from you and hosted by Pathfinder Mike and his crew from Ohio.  There will be learn and play sessions for Warpath all weekend with the exception of Saturday.  All Learn and Plays start at 8 and go for 2 hours.  At this time all Warpath events have sold out but again stop by and see if there is space. It’ll just cost you 2 generic tickets. To be clear this is a Learn and Play for Warpath, not Warpath: Firefight.

Also starting on Thursday at 1pm we have Deadzone: Cataclysm.  This is a special survival scenario with Enforcers and Plague.  A Strike Force of Enforcers are holed up in the center of town surrounded by a wave of Plague bent on their destruction.  Do the Enforcers have what it takes to last until exfil?  Play either the Enforcers or Plague in this scenario. As always all materials will be provided for you and goes for 2 hours.  This event will be available Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This event is also sold out but as always come by and see if a spot opens up!

For Warpath and Deadzone our booth special is buy a formation of 3 vehicle for $100.  This is a $20 saving while building up your vehicular assault.  Forge Father tanks and Enforcer Intercepters will be on hand!  All kits come with all the parts to assemble all variants of each vehicle. Don’t miss out on a fabulous kit.

That’s it for Warpath and Gen Con.  Up next The Walking Dead!

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