All right, all right, all right Mantic friends!  In this post we’re going to talk about The Walking Dead: All Out War and Gen Con!

This year we have The Walking Dead: Unhappy Campers.  This is a 2v2 scenario where Sophia has been kidnapped by Derek and his band.  Rick and Andrea mean to get her back no matter the cost.  Rick has tracked Sophia down to Derek’s hideout, but unfortunately there are 4 campers and no sign as to which one Sophia is in!  To top it all off, there is a old hermit named Crazy Reggie that wanders this area, blasting away at tresspassers with his shotgun.  Rick and Andrea will need to tread carefully while searching for Sophia.

This scenario will run six times over the weekend at 1pm and 4pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The scenario will run for 2 hours and is Sold Out at time  of writing. We advise you to come by and see if there are any no shows and jump in!

After your done playing Unhappy Campers stop by the booth and see the great deals we have for The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Gen Con Booth Deals for The Walking Dead: All Out War:

  • $50: The Walking Dead: All Out War core game + any 1 booster
  • $100: The Walking Dead: All Out War core game + any 1 Expansion + any 2 boosters
  • $175: The Walking Dead: Kickstarter Edition (we found a few in the corner of the warehouse!)
  • $180: The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 3 Collection

Yes! We will have Wave 3 a month early! This includes:

  • The Safety Behind Bars Expansion,
  • Michonne booster,
  • Rick, prison advisor booster,
  • Morgan, distraught father booster,
  • Andrea, prison sniper booster,
  • Glenn, prison guard booster,
  • Maggie, prison defender booster,
  • Roamer booster, and
  • the Prison deluxe play mat!


Not only do will we have these awesome deals at the booth, we will have the show exclusive booster Lee & Clementine.  This limited edition booster features Lee and Clementine from the video game The Walking Dead.  You can only get this booster at shows so grab them while supplies last.

Mantic at Adepticon


Stop by and grab the new hotness as soon as you can!

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