Alright, alright, alright! It’s that time of the year where we start talking about Gen KHAAANNN!  This year is going to be a big show, not only is it the 50th anniversary of the convention, it’s also the year every 4 day badge has sold out for the first time EVAH!  This is great news for everyone!

So this week I want to just talk a little about what we’re doing in the booth and our Kings of War events.  Every week up to the week before Gen Con I’ll be talking about what we’re doing at Gen Con for all out games!  Swing by booth 835 and say hi!

Kings of War!  Summer Campaign!  At the booth we will have all the new heroes that are in the Edge of the Abyss campaign book as well as their armies.  Looking to start you new army then participate in any one of our events and receive a voucher that give you $10 off any Kings of War book, or a free rulebook if you purchase a Mega Army box!


Let’s look into the event  hall now.  All Mantic event will be located in Hall B.  Use this interactive map from the Gen Con website to find our booth as well as see where our events are located.  As we do every year, Mike Carter, hosts a few Kings of War: Learn and Play events.  All materials are provided and you need to do is just show up with your tickets, pick an army and FIGHT!  The Learn and Play events run about 2 hours.  There are events Thursday, Friday and Sunday throughout the day starting at 8am.  In addition to the the Learn and Plays, we have Blake running the Kings of War Big Game on Thursday and Friday.  What is the Big Game you ask?  The Big Game is another way to learn Kings of War in a multi-player event.  6 players a side with all material provided for this event also!  If you and your buddy want to fight on the same side then this is your bag baby.

Thursday evening starting at 8pm we have the Kings of War Mega Battle! This event allows you to play a big battle with roughly 6000+ points aside!  For this event, you can either bring your own army (1000 points) or use one the events!  Who will win this year, the armies of Good or the armies of Evil!

Friday night we bring you the Kings of War: How you use it! tournament.  This unique format is a 4 round tournament where the armies stay and the players move. What does this mean?!  This means that every round you will be commanding a different army for each round really showing off you command abilities! Will this answer the age long debate of commander vs list?  Who knows?

Saturday brings us to the Kings of Gen Con Kings of War tournament.  This year we are going with an escalation format with different point totals for each round.  This is a 4 round tournament with the point values going at 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500.  You MUST build on your previous list each round – you CANNOT take a different one (once a unit is added, it can’t be removed (or made smaller, only bigger)). A nice break from standard tournament formats and allows everyone to experiment with list building as you’ll need to make 4 lists.

Check in starts at 8am!  Hope to see you there!

Well that’s all for Kings of War. Stay tuned for next week where we’ll talk about what we got planned for Warpath! The new hotness!

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