Hello everyone! Hopefully by now you’re up to speed on all the Kings of War Third Edition excitement. Basically, it’s coming this October. It’s going to be awesome. You need to get it.

Of course, we are VERY excited here at HQ and a bunch of us have started preparing new armies for Third Edition. Last week we kicked off our new series (Road to Third Edition) with a preview of what some of us are working on. Today we’re back with some more armies from Kyle, Clive and Elvis. Over to you…


Kyle has even done a video about his Water Elemental. Fancy!

I’ve always wanted to build up an all elemental Forces of Nature army. With the Road to Third Edition, this was a great opportunity to complete the force with Surge-able goodness! Starting with a core of Earth Elemental hordes, I’ll be adding the gorgeous Fire Elementals for incredible hitting power in two full hordes. Painting up raging flames personified means the color should really pop. I’ll also be building out three regiments of Water Elementals.

Their speed and regeneration makes them quite an annoying target even in regiment sizes. I’m thinking about doing a different season basing theme with each unit too. Autumn for earth, Summer for water, and Spring for fire. If I’m lucky and their powers combine, I might just summon a famous blue superhero from my childhood.

The great thing about elementals is they’re available in a variety of different armies. So this force can stand alone as a Forces of Nature army or I will already have a solid foundation to start a NEW army where they’re also featured. Because let’s be honest… we’re all looking at what that next army could be.

CLIVE (aka Cleric) – UK SALES (ORCS)

Hello – it’s my turn, Cleric! I told myself I didn’t need another army, having just painted three Kings of War Armies (Northern Alliance/Varangur, Undead and Ogre forces, all to 1,000-1,500 points). But then I have always had a soft spot for two Mantic armies that I have always wanted to do, but never did. So it was either Basileans or Orcs. Since someone else was already starting Basileans, I snagged the Orcs and started work. So this happened…

I build my armies in massive chunks, but rarely paint them all up. However, I have found a great incentive is to plan to paint for a tournament, so I plan to get 1,000 points painted by September for a small 1K tournament I will be attending. That gives me time to work on these and inevitably change my list three times and paint more stuff! I mean I could’ve used an army I already started… but where’s the fun in that?

I’ve had the Krudger on Winged Slasher built for a while now, just because it’s an awesome model, so first up was that to lead to the army. Then I decided to add a Giant… because… you know, reasons.

The real beauty of the Mega Armies is the fact I managed to snag enough spares to prepare a small Vanguard warband too, so whilst painting through this army, I will get the Orc Warband done at the same time! With some clever multibasing, I should be able to use them for both.


I don’t hide the fact that I give Rob stick for the fact he killed so many Brotherhood and left them a splinter force scattered across the land [Ed’s note – they’re not killed, they just got a bit beaten up]. This being said I came from a now long-dead gaming system where I played an army of colourful Knights. When I moved over to Kings of War I started fresh with another army. But with the Third Edition coming it was a nice excuse to start a new army, and what better way than to play Brotherhood and continue to give Rob office smack talk?

So my idea for the past year is to do an undead-themed Brotherhood army – using all Mantic miniatures, of course. With a nice mix of knights (undead and vampire), they are the perfect proxy, and the dead can come back to haunt Rob. I wanted to turn the army on its head, but it will still look and act like a Brotherhood army.

Just with units of vampires on Undead Pegasuses/Pegausi/Pegis/Pegs along with water elementals (or bloodementals.) This way I can use the army as undead (most of it anyway) or Brotherhood. I wanted to start off with the centrepiece of the army: my Exemplar Forsaker, aka my vampire lady on the undead dragon. I wanted to go to town on the zombie dragon and make it look extra gory. I hope to take this across the whole army.

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