Hey, Martin here. To continue on from Rob’s amazing Goblin post last week, I wanted to give you all an update on where I am with my Nightstalker Army build, as part of the Road to Third Edition.

It’s fair to say I’ve been pretty busy. I have been truly caught up in army building this year and seeing it develop over the months and get it to the tipping point of being a usable force is such a rewarding experience.


To date I have around 3,300 points TER (by Third Edition Reckoning) and have even had time to put together a few hobby projects to fill in any gaps for miniatures we haven’t done… yet.

Here is my completed army so far…

  • Butcher Fleshripper – Hero
  • Horror – Hero
  • Shade – Hero
  • Banshee – Hero
  • Reaper Souldrinker – Hero
  • Void Lurker – Titan
  • Portal of Despair – Titan
  • Terror – Titan
  • Shadow-hulk – Titan
  • Mind-screech – Monster
  • Fiends – Regiment
  • 2 x Butchers – Hordes
  • Phantoms – Regiment
  • Shadowhounds – Regiment
  • 2 x Spectres – Troops (as a regiment it makes the full list legal)
  • 2 x Reapers – Troops
  • Scarecrows – Legion
  • Bloodworms – Regiment
  • Soulflayers – Regiment

My thinking behind my army was rather simple. Just build and paint as much as possible then I can pick and choose what I want to play 🙂 . I knew I wanted to have the big Titans in there, so they were what I painted first – from there it has just spiralled and I am rather happy with how everything has turned out.

When the two Spectre troops combined to make a regiment it makes all the models i have painted a legal army.
Had a resin disaster so had to start again with basing my Bloodworm regiment. Still work in progress.

It’s not just about painting though as Rob and I managed to find the time for a 1,000 point game recently (my first of 3rd edition). Even with his hordes of Spitters I was able to close the space and get stuck in due to the Stealthy rule. Once up close the Butchers and Reapers were able to do a fair chunk of damage and win the day!

Actually getting a game in… WOOO HOOO


Those observant readers may have noticed the Soulflayers on my list above? Well, these are the new name for Nightmares (because let’s face it, I have enough of those already) and have a slightly updated profile..

This unit was one of my hobby builds. The Studio had some amazing concept artwork for me to use as inspiration so I used some Wraiths, hollowed out the cloak area and used hot water to mould them around the back of the Undead Cavalry. I know the cavalry have two of their legs missing, but what is a couple of absent hooves between friends…?

I’ll use my versions until we make these models (*cough 2020 cough*)


Would I leave you without something to discuss dear reader? No chance….

….which Nightstalker units do you think have access to the Screamshard upgrade? Answers on a postcard to R. Renton – Mantic HQ.


I mentioned earlier about being caught up in army building… well so much so that I have just started my second army for 2019. The Basileans! I’ve started with one of the hero models (Jullius) and I’m going with a Roman Empire/Fire colour scheme and I have just begun building five regiments of Men at Arms.

I really can’t wait for the Phoenix to be launched in December! If i get it to 0.000005% as good as Angel’s (see below) I will be happy.

Cheers for reading, see you at Clash!


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