Hello, it’s Sunny here. I’m the person that picks and packs all the web orders… so there’s a little bit of Sunny Love in each delivery [Ed’s note – we’ve checked and Sunny’s Love isn’t against the dangerous goods act, so you’re all fine]. If you’ve watched the Road to Third Edition video, you’ll know that I’ve opted for ogres in Third Edition.

I mainly went for ogres because the model count is relatively low, so I knew a full army would be well within my grasp. And now with just a few weeks to go – the end is in sight! So, what progress have I made since the video was filmed? Actually, it has been pretty strong for me, as I am naturally a procrastinator and overthink how to paint. So currently I have four hordes of ogre warriors, two hordes of Boomers, a giant, a standard bearer, ogre captain and an ogre warlock! That’s about 1,500pts in Third Edition. BOOM!

The highlight of the army isn’t any individual but the army as a whole. As they do look quite big and menacing. I also opted for bright, striking colours to make them stick out, where I normally paint darker earth tones and this was out of my comfort zone. Although I do think I’ve managed to pull off a good standard of tabletop ogres.

Next up I’ve got some braves to paint and hopefully a horde of chariots – mainly to get into combat quicker and break those archers, sooner!

I recently had a game against Kirsten’s Basileans and, as I learnt, “Ogres do good combat”! They were brutal and I was generally shocked (although perhaps not as shocked as Kirsten) about how well they performed. Everything I hit seemed to crumble after a turn of combat for the unlucky Kirsten.  I actually anticipated my ogres would be shot off the board but that did not happen! Once I closed the gap it seemed to swing in my favour in a big way. I don’t want to spoil the outcome so make sure you watch the bat rep, once it’s live.

Overall then, I’m very pleased with my progress. The starting goal for me is simply having 2,000 points done and painted for the release of third edition. The end goal is to have 3,000 points so I can mix my ogres up and then hopefully enter Clash of Kings 2020.

Oh, I understand I’m meant to preview some of Third Edition stuff in this blog? Well, I’m currently working on making some Siege Breakers because they look like they’ll hit pretty hard. Oh, and I spied on Dave’s computer the other day that he was looking at some pictures of Siege Breakers… so hopefully that means we’ve got some Mantic ones coming pretty soon. Not sure if I’m meant to say that, but I’m sure someone will cut it out if I’m not.

Anyway, thanks for reading the blog and hopefully I’ll see you at a tournament soon.

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