Hey, Ronnie here with a quick update on goings on at the Mantic bunker and we’ve got lots of great things to wipe away those February blues! You can watch the video below for some more details or carry on reading…

The great news is that The Walking Dead: All Out War is receiving rave reviews – it currently sits as the highest rated Walking Dead game on Board Game Geek – thanks to all those that have submitted reviews or comments. With rock solid game play, an easy skirmish format to pick up and a range of fantastic minis we really hope we have a big hit on our hands. Oh, and please, please if you love the game share it with your friends, or take it down to your local club/shop. Your word of mouth is the best endorsement we can get, and helps us a lot!

And for those of you who are already fans – check out the blog all next week when we have a Walking Dead themed extravaganza! Not only we will be unveiling the show exclusive booster that will be available at shows all around the world (and online on Mantic Open Day weekends), but we will also have the first organized play pack reveal.

You still want more? Oh and we’ll be talking about some brand new releases for the line that’ll be hitting in March… one of which might blow your brains out. There will also be lots of videos, how to play and continued updates on our fantastic Brush with Death TWD: AOW painting competition. You’ve got until February 20th to get your entries in.

Following on from that we will be sending out updates on all the Kickstarters we have to ship – there is lots of good progress on all of those. March will also see us starting the ‘Prepare your Army’ coverage for this summer’s Kings of War global campaign. What’s more, if you are a Kings of War fan then please check out the Clash of Kings book – filled with new rules, magic items and spells – plus everything you wanted to know about organised play, but were too afraid to ask!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have just released the Trident Realm army – with some of our new in-house resin figures (courtesy of our resin maestro Rick – aka Evil Scientist). So now the fantasy gaming world has a fishman army – who said it would never happen J

Happy gaming!


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