Hello those that have not been bitten yet, it’s Ronnie here,

Let’s get the apology out of the way – it has been mad, crazy busy, and we haven’t spoken, shown or teased cool things about the Walking Dead nearly enough! I’m sorry, and it’ll never happen again.

However, we are back this week with lots of cool stuff covering all of the above. Let’s start with the eye candy. Ok, you have seen him before in the ‘Here’s Negan’ board game, but now Negan and his Saviors are coming to the ‘All Out War’ and ‘Call to Arms’ gaming tables near you.

The box set has Negan and five of his Lieutenants (Dwight is shown before his date with the hot iron!), all lovingly painted by Angel Giraldez himself! It also has all the cards you need to play for both Call to Arms (CTA) AND All Out War (AOW)! Because that’s how we roll. Going forward that will be the template for all the releases, with cards for both.

Oh, and if you’re one of the people that’s bought the excellent Here’s Negan, so you’ve already got the miniatures, we’ll be offering a web exclusive pack of the Saviors cards for All Out War and Call to Arms later this week.

Looking forward to 2020 and following on with the minis theme, in March we have models coming out for Hilltop and Alexandria. So, feast your eyes on Jesus, Rick and Maggie….and keep watching for more reveals soon!

All these models will be in hand cast resin, with two Survivors per pack (except Jesus who is fully armed up and comes with one of the coolest Walkers EVER)! All these sets will come at the usual price – but with cards to play BOTH versions of the game – CTA and AOW.

What else do you have I hear you cry? Well I don’t, but I’m gonna answer anyway.

In April next year we will also have a Walking Dead book release, focusing mainly on new All Out War content to go alongside the Hilltop and Alexandria story lines, but also bringing together all the scenarios from the Expansions. Plus a full Q&A and errata section, so all of that is in one place. There will, of course, be some new rules and ideas from the RC. However, because the book will cover CTA, there is going to be some new scenarios for the skirmish game – and some fun stuff too. Like who wants to play the time Tyrese got locked in the gymnasium – and came out smiling? Using a few minis from your collection and a few tiles from Here’s Negan you can do just that!

This week we also have some give-away free to download scenarios, created by super fan Paul Preston from T&G Productions. These were used for their weekend events – which have nothing but rave reviews – so feel free to download.

Finally, we are really pleased to announce that next year’s show special will be a special version of Ezekiel. This will be available at Salute and Adepticon, and then at the shows through the year, and online during Mantic Open day weekends. We are aware there is still some stored up demand for Chris the Hunter – so as soon as we can get the moulds into the resin room (because Kings of War!) we will have those back up.

Keep watching all week – and make sure you check in during our Black Friday event, there might be some offers you don’t want to miss *cough* lots of Walkers for an insane price *cough*

Best wishes



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