Ronnie’s 10 Reasons DreadBall 2nd Edition is Awesome!

12th Mar 2018

Rob Burman

It’s back, it’s action packed and it’s bigger and bolder than ever…

DreadBall Second Edition is coming to a Neoduirum pitch near you – and boy is the new season shaping up to be something really special.

Dreadball was always one of our easiest games to pick up – yet different every time you played – and that’s what made the first edition Mantic’s first ever global hit.

And when it hits the shelves again not only does it have all the magic from the first edition, but so much more besides. Tune into DreadBall week all this week to find the inside stories, tactics and updates that’ll make this the most exciting sports game you’ve ever played!

Here are my top 10 reasons to get excited about DreadBall Second Edition:


DreadBall Second Edition, of course has some new teams (four to be exact) but the rules committee, and their playtesting buddies, have also gone back to every team ever released to tinker with their stats. This led to the creation of the Agility attribute, along with cleaning up some of those team special rules.


The rules themselves have also been given a makeover – and the game is much better for it. Some of the changes are subtle – just making each game smoother and faster, other updates heap on the best aspects of the game – like the all-new Game Deck, which has more useful special events and action cards.


The new board has a place for everything, and slightly bigger hexes – making sure there’s room for all those prone players your team keeps smashing over – along with new 3D score trackers and turn counters.


We will be supporting Organised play right from the first Rush. A new Organised Play Kit is available to pre-order now and it includes exclusive dice, trophies and an exclusive Event Card (Performance Enhancement). Plus, we’ve already started organising events, like the DreadBall Celebration Day, UK National Championship and Adepticorp Cup.


Alongside Organised Play, the rules for League Play have been given a makeover to make playing a league or tournament more exciting than ever. You can grab the League Rules in the limited edition Collector’s Rulebook or as part of the Galactic Tour Pack.


Everything is backwards compatible – so if you have your favourite team painted and on the shelf ready to go, just pick up the Veteran Bundle and you can get playing!


All games rely on new blood – which you can then spill all over the pitch – and Dreadball is very welcoming to the new player. In fact, we’ve got a brand new two player starter set, giving you everything you need to get playing.


We’ve made sure DreadBall Second Edition is as accessible as possible, so the four new teams are all pre-assembled. This means you can take them straight from the box and onto the pitch. No need to assemble!


If you fancy adding another layer to your team, then look no further than the Captains and Captain Cards. Not only can you add a special player to your team, but you also get a set of 10 DreadBall cards unique to that player. If you’ve got a favourite team, you can pick up the set you need or you can go all out and buy a bundle of all 240(!) cards.


The rankings website is almost here. It’s going live in a few weeks and we’re in testing at the moment. It’ll be THE place to find out if you are the best player in your town, state, country or the maybe even the galaxy! Check the placeholder site now and we’ll see you on the league table soon.


Did I say 10 reasons? Well, Blaine is here to turn that up to 11! Blaine is taking to the DreadBall pitch with a limited edition miniature. He’s only available to order until March 19th and will then only be available at shows Mantic is attending or during special events on the website.

Finally, a quick word of thanks to all the people that took part in playtesting, the studio team, writing and sculpting crews, rules committee, the Kickstarter backers and all the fans out there whose dedication to DreadBall has made this second edition come about. We could not have done it without you.

So please tune in all this week for DreadBall Week – the galaxy’s best sports game!

Best wishes