Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new player-finder for both Kings of War and Deadzone – powered by RUMBL! This exciting new tool helps players build larger and more well connected gaming communities. The guys behind RUMBL are a few life-long miniature wargamers that recognized a need. Lending their talents to the development of this app, they have made it easier for fellow gamers to connect with each other.

What is RUMBL?

Simply put, RUMBL helps you find new opponents in your area to play our games with. By using your geolocation, this app allows you to locate other players nearby, and potentially challenge them to a game. After you’ve selected a suitable opponent, you can issue a challenge. Once they accept, you will be able to chat securely with them and establish a place and time to meet up for the game.
After you have finished your game, you can submit your scores and easily keep your personal gaming record up-to-date. RUMBL uses these records to create regional, and global leaderboards. You can focus on being the best player in the neighborhood, or you fight to be the best in the world!

Why You Should Sign Up?

Signing up doesn’t only help you find new opponents, but it also helps players in your area find you! Even if you have a thriving community, by signing up you can see who among you is truly the best general. In addition, the RUMBL team is already using your suggestions and working on new features, including club registration, and event tracking, so you’ll never miss out on another chance to compete.

Are you ready to RUMBL? Sign up now!


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