SALUTE 2018: Gaming and Painting (Area GH05)

11th Apr 2018

Pat "Chopper" Lewis

Salute Twenty Eighteen, run by The South London Warlords, is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. [Their] aim is to promote the very best in the hobby. Held at ExCel London, there will be traders from all across the hobby along with plenty of demonstration and participation games to see and take part in.” – SALUTE 2018

Our blogs this week are covering what Mantic are doing at SALUTE 2018, culminating with our attendance at this, the UKs largest one-day table-top gaming event. In today’s entry we are looking at Things To Do at Mantic’s Gaming Area GH05.

There will be entertaining gaming and/or painting opportunities for the following systems:

  1. The Walking Dead: All Out War
  2. DreadBall
  3. Star Saga

The Walking Dead Demo Games

The Atlanta Supply Run is a fun quick-play scenario we developed to introduce you to the game. Let us set the scene for you:

On a regular supply run into Atlanta, Rick stands watch for Walkers outside a store whilst Glenn is searching inside. Derek and Patrick come across Rick and decide they want some of what they are looting! …

We join the game half way through with both Rick and Derek about to search cars for some supplies. Due to initial scuffles, Patrick is in melee with a Walker and is about to start swinging his bat…

You have only 3 Turns to secure the Supply Counters while contending with both the Walkers and your opponent. Good luck – you’ll need it!

The Walking Dead: All Out War Paint-and-Take

In area GH05 we will be running a paint-and-take. This was massively popular in 2017 – so much so that we simply had to do it again. Take 20-30 minutes out of your day to find your zen moment painting Walkers by following our step-by-step guide!

DreadBall Demo Games

We bring to life the tutorial from the popular board game. You’ll quickly pick up the basics of this addictive futuristic sports game with the help of our on-hand Mentors.

It’s nearing the end of a tough game. A match that was all going the Tree Shark’s way early on has been dragged back to a draw by the All-Star’s stubborn refusal to stay down. The atmosphere is electric, and even though the players are tired and bruised, they have just enough left in them for one last effort.

It’s the start of the 9th Rush, Coach. Hit the neodurium hard – and your opponent harder!

As with the Atlanta Supply Run, you have 3 Rushes to end with the score in your favour. Will you choose the fast and agile Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, or the stolid Draconis All-Stars?

Star Saga Paint-and-Take

As mentioned above, in area GH05 we will be running a paint-and-take. We will have undercoated Lab Technicians for your to paint up using our step-by-step guide. Give yourself 20-30 minutes to breathe before heading back into the SALUTE 2018 throng!

Swing by Gaming Area GH05 when you have 20 minutes and we’ll supply you with a seat and something entertaining! Check back tomorrow for a stupidly exciting announcement for SALUTE 2018.