Salute Twenty Eighteen, run by The South London Warlords, is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. [Their] aim is to promote the very best in the hobby. Held at ExCel London, there will be traders from all across the hobby along with plenty of demonstration and participation games to see and take part in.” – SALUTE 2018

Our blogs this week have covered what Mantic are doing at SALUTE 2018, the UKs largest one-day table-top gaming event. In today’s entry – the first of two – we are looking at the Exclusives and a Re-stock of The Walking Dead: All Out War at Mantic Stand TH04.

  1. The Walking Dead Essential Expansions and Boosters Back in Stock!
  2. Event Exclusives

The Walking Dead Essential Expansions and Boosters Back in Stock!

Back in stock – and in limited numbers … for now!

We know that these producst are must-haves for gamers and collectors – and you evidently agree as we ran out of them! These were flown in ahead of the boat so that we could get them to you at SALUTE 2018. There are limited numbers until the boat arrives, so get yourself to Stand TH04, or email me to reserve things!

  • DAYS GONE BYE Expansion. This is my essential companion to The Walking Dead: All Out War. Including Survivors from the Atlanta Camp, this expansion adds rules for Custom Survivors, and has 6 narrative scenarios as well!
  • MILES BEHIND US Expansion. Continuing the story, we add Survivors from Herschells Farm and campaign rules! And another 6 scenarios.
  • PRELUDE TO WOODBURY Solo Starter Set. This set contains 6 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Brian ‘The Governor’ Blake to your games, along with 5 Walkers to battle your way through. It also contains an exclusive ‘Solo’ version of the game’s Event deck.
  • NEGAN Booster. Negan, Andy, and a Walker; and the .22 Revolver, Adrenaline Shot, Grenade, and Lucille Equipment Cards
  • EZEKIAL Booster. Ezekial, Shiva, and the Crossbow, Fresh Meat, Makeshift Body Armour, and Shikomizue Equipment Cards

Example of a Wave Bundle

As we detailed in our blog on Tuesday you can pick up an entire Wave for only £100 (saving almost £20). Alternatively you can round out your collection by picking one Expansion and any six Survivor Boosters (and yes, that does include Event Exclusives like Dale, Prison Advisor, and Lee & Clementine!)

Event Exclusives

Event Exclusives for The Walking Dead: All Out War

We mentioned this in Monday’s blog and here’s the photographic evidence!

  • DALE, PRISON ADVISOR Booster. SALUTE 2018 is the UK and European premier of this much anticipated Event Exclusive model. Previously found in the Collector’s Edition, it is now available separately.
  • LEE & CLEMENTINE Booster. You wanted this to keep going past 2017, so we obliged.
  • EENY MEENY MINY MOE… vignette. Strictly limited numbers on this gruesome diorama.
  • Walker Trophy. 4″ of solid Walker. Use it as a trophy, or to leave around the house to scare the kids…

Warpath Vehicle Bundles

And to round out, we said on Tuesday that we have built up some multi-sets for Warpath. The price is similar to the bundles available on the web store, however we decided to add more value because it is SALUTE 2018.

  • Enforcers Flier Bundle. We threw in the upgrade for the Arbiter Interceptor, which means you’re now saving £10. And with the recent Warpath: Firefight errata this is a better mix of fliers!
  • Forge Fathers Spearhead. Three Sturnhammer Battle Tanks? Let’s add the Out of Production Casualty models: an Orc, Enforcer, Plague 3rd Gen., and a Reb – so no love lost there!
  • Veer-myn Underground Pack. Three Tunnellers? Let’s add those Casualty models. Like the Forge Father Spearhead, your saving is around £15!

There’s one more blog to come in late afternoon. You’ll want to stay tuned for that!

SALUTE 2018: be quick or be a Deadzone Casualty!

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