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Shadowed Horizons – Kings Of War Global Campaign and Slow Grow

9th Jun 2023

Jonny Mann

Martin here!

I’m here to tell you about our BRAND NEW Kings of War global campaign, Shadowed Horizons, coming this September! Kicking off just before Clash of Kings weekend (8th September) and lasting the whole month, we are very excited to be bringing you the next phase of the story of Pannithor, where your games help shape our amazing universe! It’s time to muster your armies and arrange some gaming events in preparation!

We are starting the campaign here at HQ on Friday 8th September, with a GIANT battle featuring the Northern Alliance vs Nightstalkers which will be a participation game for who can make it over to Nottingham. We will have more information coming soon, but you’ll want to get a regiment of Ravens painted up for that one…

So let’s begin…

Welcome, Generals, to a realm where shadows loom and horizons are shrouded in mystery!

Brace yourselves for an epic journey as we delve into the captivating world of Kings of War and unveil the secrets that lie within its darkest and most insidious corners. It’s time to prepare your forces, and be ready to lead your army to fight for Pannithor. Whether you are at the helm of one of the brave armies fighting to rid the world of the threat posed by the vicious Nightstalkers and their allies, or instead a leading a marauding troop hell bent on destruction, the Shadowed Horizons global campaign awaits.

In Shadowed Horizons your successes, failures and results WILL shape the world of Pannithor. Gather your armies and forge alliances, as we find ourselves drawn towards the realm where frost meets shadow, and battle awaits.

In this campaign, the stakes are higher than ever before: mysterious void-cages are being discovered. These are arcane and malevolent devices containing bound and caged portals to the Void. If triggered, they create a tear in reality, releasing hordes of gibbering monsters into the mortal realm! Led by The Northern Alliance, heroes from all corners of the realm have been summoned to confront this impending doom, and with it comes the realization that there are malevolent forces lurking within the shadowed horizons.

As a participant in Shadowed Horizons, you will help decide the fate of the realm, and shape the course of history in Pannithor. Whether you choose to lead a mighty Kings of War army for GOOD, command a small Ambush company of warriors for EVIL, or captain a fleet of ships in Armada, every battle you fight will help affect the course of the story – which will progress each week, affecting your objectives and the battlefields you fight across. The path to victory will require not only your mastery of warfare but also your ability to negotiate alliances, and navigate treacherous landscapes and conditions.

Shadowed Horizons offers an immersive gaming experience that goes beyond mere dice rolls and miniature placement. It invites you to create narratives, forge friendships, and become an integral part of a vibrant and passionate community of Kings of War enthusiasts. Together, we will explore the depths of Pannithor, forging legends and writing our own stories. And in years to come, when these epic events are a famous keystone of the game’s history, you will be able to say ‘I was there’!

Nightstalkers vs Northern Alliance

So gather your armies, sharpen your blades, and prepare to step into a world where light and darkness collide. The adventure awaits, and the fate of Pannithor lies in your hands. Join us in this epic Kings of War campaign and become a part of something truly extraordinary!

Every battle counts. Every decision matters. Everything is at stake.

Slow Grow

With the excitement boiling over at Mantic HQ, a number of staff have decided to start new armies ready for the Campaign.  So, we are launching a slow grow challenge to coincide with Shadowed Horizons that you can get involved with at home!

We will have more information coming very soon but for now, sharpen those pliers and repoint those paintbrushes, there’s never been a better excuse to start a new army!

In the meantime, grab some inspirational ideas from our staff as they talk you through their madcap plans:


It was a day much like any other. I had made my way through the grey, oppressive Nottingham streets to the soaring, crenellated splendour of Mantic Towers and had taken my seat in the windowless, clinical anonymity that is my working cell to prepare for another day’s colouring in and font-bothering. Just as I had prepared my morning libations and begun the work of placating the malevolent geist Ah’dobe which inhabits my computer I heard a rattling of chains at the door. Jonny had escaped his bonds in the marketing office and, in the cracked tones of one unused to verbal communication, explained that was seeking to assemble an elite team of recruits to assist in a daring scheme. We were to assemble an as-yet undisclosed number of Kings of War armies, of as-yet unknown size, to an as-yet uncertain deadline. Naturally, I jumped at the chance, but I had one condition…

Having earlier glimpsed the new Reapers sprue I at once volunteered to take on the Nightstalkers. It transpired that I was not the only one who had expressed this preference, the new models had drawn the eye of others around the office and there looked to be considerable competition for the faction. I therefore resolved to begin a campaign of sulking and being impossible until I got my way and, before the day was out, I had made myself the least popular member of the studio – but I found myself in possession of a shiny new Nightstalkers Ambush box, success!

Nightsalker Ambush Set Contents

My first instinct was to lean towards the other-worldliness of the Nightstalker’s background, with a generous application of sullen, glowing limbs, maws and ectoplasmic tentacles. I then had occasion to re-watch a tv series which, for legal reasons, may or may not rhyme with ‘danger strings’ and had something of an epiphany. I would try to make them as gruesome, blood-soaked and viscerally over-the-top as I was able.

So as I sit here, fingers raw from typing this missive, the lacerations of inexpertly wielded hobby tools decorating my hands, I am exultant in my success! The contents of an assembled Nightstalker Ambush box lies before me, its shiny grey plastic redolent of potential. I can almost hear the whispers from the many mouths that adorn the exquisite forms of both Butcher and Reaper urging me on, to fulfil their inevitable destiny on the field of battle. Perhaps if I paint them with sufficient proficiency the screaming will finally stop and I’ll be able to sleep again…


I chose Empire of Dust for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve always had a soft spot for Ancient Egyptian archaeology and mythos and films such as The Mummy had a massive impact on me growing up.

Secondly the models are *chefs kiss​* good, the infantry, the cavalry (and have you seen the Idol of Shobik?). The Ambush set is absolutely cracking value to boot! I’ve managed to settle on a high speed vs quality paint scheme using Army Painter Speed Paints that big blocks of infantry are just a night or two for high tabletop standard.

Idol of Shobik Jackal head

Thirdly, as an army play style, it’s something I’ve not played yet. My previous armies were alpha strike and I’ve always gravitated towards chaotic speed whereas, with almost army-wide shambling, the Empire of Dust (and probably Undead!) has forced me to rethink how I build and play lists.

I’ve already planned out 90% of a tournament list at 2300 points, but likewise, I’m very happy trying out different units in smaller, Ambush games. I got to taste for just how good Mummies can be as a roadblock during my last Ambush game, where I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards them in favour of Hordes.

Next on the hobby table are some Revenant Chariots, and of course more skelly warriors.


I was drawn to build a Ratkin force by their curious mix of savagery and technology. They’re a horde army with lots of variety, and a lovely mix of plastic kits and characterful resin heroes. Building the regiments on multibases is good fun, and cramming lots of them in together really suited the character of the army – it would look wrong to have all those rats standing in neat, perfectly-spaced ranks!

I’m looking forward to the slow-grow as we all gear up for the epic Shadowed Horizons campaign. My Ambush set is built and painting has just begun. Where will I take the force next? I’m weighing up some ranged options to let me open hostilities earlier as my main line of troops advances to contact. As long as we don’t encounter any cheese or mousetraps along the way, I think they’ll be making a dent in the competition!


I chose Forces of the Abyss. I’ve always enjoyed that classic fire daemon look (and I have already semi-secretly started to build them). The slow-grow is my motivation to get even more of them done and on the table. You can see my goals in this previous blog post HERE.

In short, I’ll be adding even more Succubi as I really like the models and rules. In order to keep with that theme, I chose a Seductress her, because again I think she has a fantastic set of rules and a brilliant model. My own is converted from the Succubi Lurker found in the Vanguard box, with added Gargoyle wings.

I’m well on the way with everything built and starting to get that classic red skin painted. So much red paint.


Hey folks, Stu here – live from the warehouse!

I chose ogres for several reasons: the first being that Duncan somehow managed to claim the Nightstalkers* before me. I’m not mad about it, honest!

*They are very popular amongst our staff!

As a new player, the ogres being an elite army with low model count seemed a great starting point. The ambush set seemed like the best jumping in point before hopefully expanding my forces.

My cunning plan is simply to make a small force of very cool, unique, stand out models. My opponents will then be distracted as I blunder my way through games: “LOOK OVER THERE!”

I have built my ogres in their glorious new plastics, and now I’m face to face with the goblin rabble…let’s just hope I can paint as well as I dream! My planned colour scheme is gold and red, and I plan to sculpt some extra distractions using green stuff to help make all even more unique.


Being the hobby butterfly that I am, fresh off the back of (not finishing) my Nightstalker army, I have joined my fellow staff members on a quest to complete a new army in time for the global campaign. With Duncan quick to snap up the Nightstalkers, it left me one choice…start another army!

“I’m going on an adventure!” cried Jonny, as he ran from the warehouse clutching all manner of Halfling goodness!

As much as I love my pointy boys and all their creepy beauty, sometimes it’s good to let a little light in. “I have found that it is the small everyday deed of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay” – Halflings are a natural choice.

It has also been a long-term goal to make a “Yorkshire” themed army and the idea of sculpting adorable little flat caps on halflings is just too tempting! I have no idea how I might go about painting tweed, but I will cross that bridge when the time comes. I plan on going over the top with all the stereotypical tropes, so I’ll be finding snow foxes from the Northern Alliance sprues to add Whippets to my bases, I’m also sure a few Trident Realm otters will look suitably Ferret like too.

The new Frostclaw Riders for t’Northern Alliance are bloomin’ lovely too, so expect to see them making an appearance as Aeronauts. Or maybe I will ally with some more Northerners for good measure…