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So you want to get into Kings Of War? Let Ambush be your guide!

22nd May 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey, Jonny here,

For those that are maybe new to Mantic Games or even the hobby as a whole, Kings Of War is a splendid game of mass combat between mighty armies in a fantasy ripped apart by epic struggles and legendary battles. It’s fast-paced, competitive-yet-fun, rules are perfect for massed battles between hundreds of troops or intense small-scale skirmishes.

Nightstalkers vs Northern Alliance


For many, building and painting a huge force ready for large-scale tabletop warfare is a straightforward affair and one that they relish! For others, it can be a daunting barrier to getting into the hobby. So that’s where Ambush comes in.

Ambush is a great way to play at a smaller points level than standard games, allowing the same fantastic Kings of War experience but in a format that is much easier and quicker to grasp.

Ambush can be used to play games with as little as two or three units per side all the way up to a limit cap at 995pts. The main advantage of Ambush is that the lower points tally means you don’t have to paint up a huge amount of models in order to get started. What’s more, combined with a ban on ‘hordes’ and ‘legions’ at this level, you’ll be able to smash out a whole bunch of smaller-sized units in next to no time!

If space is a problem, you can even play Ambush on just a 3ft x 3ft table, so there isn’t such a large demand on either space or the amount of terrain you may need to build or buy!

Mantic Companion

The Mantic companion is a great tool in making our games accessible for all. The Companion is home to the free living rulebook as well as army list builders for Kings of War, including Ambush, plus many other game systems, plus a host of other great premium features.

The focus of Ambush is on Troops and Regiments and this helps to get your army painted up nice and quick. What’s more, the game plays a lot faster too, due to the lower nerve values… which means Ambush can get very messy, very quickly! 

For each Troop or Regiment in the army, you may also include one of the following units: 

  • Hero 
  • Monster 
  • Titan 
  • War Engine 
  • Irregular Unit (units with the Fly keyword are also treated as Irregular)

Along with the restrictions above, in games under 750pts you can’t use units that cost more than 200pts, while in games between 750 and 995pts, you can’t use units that cost more than 250pts. Both of these restrictions include magical artefacts, upgrades or purchased spells. 

The free Ambush list builder is a great way to get started – then all you then need are some miniatures!

Miniature Range

You can obviously create your own unique Ambush army lists for whichever faction you desire, but to help you on your way we offer great “Ambush Starter Sets” for several popular armies (and there are more on the way)!

These sets offer are a great starting point into Kings Of War…and are also crazy good value! It varies per box, but there can be a huge saving against buying the units individually.

When we have a large new release for a faction (like we have just had with the Nightstalkers), it will be accompanied by an Ambush set too. Check these guys out!

Nightstalker Ambush Box

Check back in throughout the week for some more great Ambush content!