Welcome to the first of our monthly* staff showcases, where we will be showing off lots of inspirational works of art for our recent or upcoming new releases.

This month we gave the staff here at Mantic a chance to paint the new Salamander starter fleet.

*If we all actually make the time to pick up a brush. 


“i always like green and gold as a colour scheme and was excited to use it on these fantastic ships”


“Because im a sucker for punishment, i decided to make my own masts, cotton sails and rigging. it was an experience, one i probably wont try again but i do think they work nicely”

Martin T

“I used the new Army Painter Speed Paints for all of these apart from the gold trip. Then Vallejo gold and aluminium to highlight the metal areas.”

Clive S

Clive put us all to shame by going that extra mile and painting a Drake too!

“I was aiming for a Jade green colour scheme for my ships, with a dark mahogany brown for the hulls. At first I was going to go Arid Earth for the roof tops and buildings, after painting that in and layering it up, I thought it looked a bit… jarring, so gave them a nice green wash and it just worked out much better. Since painting the starter set, I’ve finished the XL and started work on the booster fleet too! That’s means I have pretty much every single Armada model now (and plenty of duplicates!)”

If this has ignited your passion for starting a Salamander fleet, you can pick them up here or through your local gaming store.
Stay tuned for staff showcases in the future.

The Salamanders possess a small but elite navy, with large, powerful ships. Their crews, often commanded by mysterious arkosaurs, are well-drilled – indeed, through some form of racial memory, many salamanders are spawned with knowledge of sailing and naval strategy in their fiery blood. The strange appearance of their battle ships has remained largely unchanged for millennia, and were themselves developed in response to their enemies in the East, foremost amongst them the ancient Xirkaali Empire.

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These enormous battle ships seem to rise almost organically from the water, their vast, armoured hulls topped with coal-black gunports and towers, making them look almost like floating volcanoes. Their gundecks are packed with heavy guns, and their crews often comprise a contingent of Corsairs, whose firelocks pick off enemy commanders and elite troops during boarding actions with impunity. Upon the Drake’s craggy aftcastles, scorchwings perch, awaiting the call of their master to swoop down and attack the enemy in a fiery conflagration.

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The Armada Two Player Starter Set is the perfect place to start your journey onto the seas of Pannithor. Inside you’ll find everything you need for two-players to start their own fleet of courageous Basileans or marauding orcs, along with a rulebook, tokens, ship cards and a paper gaming mat. The fight for the oceans is about to begin!

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