15th May 2023

Dan Mapleston

Just as we recently refreshed our Ogres and Empire of Dust ranges, right now we’re revisiting the Nightstalkers and a whole range of glorious new kits have just released today!

All manner of gribbly horrors are surging out of the warehouse door, on their way to terrify fantasy wargaming opponents everywhere…

So, we’re going to kick off this week with a little celebration of cosmic horror wargaming in Pannithor with: (1) a FREE Nightstalkers Guide, (2) a closer look at the Void Lurker, and (3) checking out what you get in the three brand new army bundles for Nightstalkers.

Let’s get started!

FREE Nightstalkers Guide

Read all about it!

Especially for you all, we’ve prepared a special START COLLECTING guide, which contains lore, design notes, assembly guides, battle tactics and more. It’s almost a mini-magazine, and there’s some brilliant stuff in here!

And if you collect a different faction…well, you should probably find out what you’re up against…

Click the image below to read/download/print your own free copy!

New On The Scene – The Void Lurker

The Void Lurker has had a profile since the launch of the 3rd Edition rulebook, and many gamers have speculated what it would look like once released. Well, it’s here, and WOW – what a ‘miniature’ this is! If you’ve been searching for a great centrepiece unit or a stunning new painting project, then look no further…

Born in darkness, Void Lurkers break into the physical world blind and hungry. Its head has no eyes and is entirely comprised of a huge gaping maw. To make the sculpt look starved (and therefore dangerous), our sculptor Luigi built the thorax first as a skeleton and then stretched a thin layer of ‘digital skin’ over the top…creepy stuff.

The Void Lurker is slowly crushing an ancient elven stone column, bringing an extra element of visual storytelling and giving you a head-start for diorama basing. You’ll also find small basing elements with the same architectural style across the new Reaper and Butcher hard plastic frames…

Which Army Box is Right for You?

Yes, they’re back and naturally all include the brilliant new hard plastic frames. So which is right for you? Have a look below:

1. Want to just dip your claw in the water? Perfect for beginners, the Ambush Starter set will get you going with the brand new Reapers and Butchers, plus comes with Quick Start rules to get playing immediately!

2. Ready to commit? The Army box contains options to build any of the hard plastic units for the Nightstalkers, plus a couple of resin ‘heroes’.

3. Go big or go home! The Mega Army box is bursting with hard plastic frames, a resin hero, and a hulking Terror as a centrepiece monster for your army. We’ll be doing an unboxing of this magnificent box of hobby goodness later in the week!

Make sure to check out the rest of the range, as other faction units such as Shadowhounds and Phantoms have also had a facelift, shifting from PVC into crisply-detailed, hand-cast resin!

And finally, all the new rules (and new units) go live in the Mantic Companion this week on the 19th.

Happy hobbying everyone,

Team Mantic

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Nightstalker Void Lurker

Unspeakable and unimaginable things have lived in the dimensions between worlds for eternity. Some have an intelligence of sorts and understand enough to sense the rents in the fabric of the universe and know how to locate them. These Void Lurkers attach themselves to the nightstalkers as they stream into the fascinating and bizarre reality where the mortals reside. There, they coalesce into whatever mismatched and petrifying shape will best sate their voracious appetites.

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Nightstalkers Ambush Starter Set

The Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set is the perfect, best value way to start your Nightstalker army with 10 Reapers and 6 Butchers / Ravagers.

They lurk in the cold shadows of the world, and of the mind. The nightstalkers are the fears of mortals come to life. This Ambush starter set is a fantastic place to start building your creepy army of these horrors.

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Nightstalker Army

The nightstalkers are the dreams, nightmares, fears, and horrors of mortals made manifest. Although their incursions into our realm are thankfully rare, the devastation caused by such events is absolute on both a physical and emotional level.

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Nightstalker Mega Army

When the power of the Abyss waxes strong, large forces of Nightstalkers tear their way into reality. Mewling, skittering hordes advance, led by ancient cyclopean beings from the darkest depths of existence. Survivors of such attacks are rare and all who do escape lose their minds and souls forever.

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Nightstalker Phantoms

Phantoms are phantasms that appear as cloaked, floating bodies. Their partially hooded heads reveal glimpses of the screaming and bloody skulls of people trapped between worlds. These foul creatures are often seen dragging their victims into their shadow forms, consigning them to a fate best left unknown.

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Nightstalker Shadowhounds

Shadowhounds are huge, black, twin-headed canines, with gnashing jaws and fur matted with vile ectoplasm. Hunting in packs, those lucky enough to escape these beasts can still hear the howling in their heads long after they have awoken. The unfortunate victims who weren’t fast enough are devoured, their screaming skulls forever leering from the shadow hounds’ foul hides.

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