With the game and an expansion already kickstarted, and another on the horizon, The Walking Dead: All Out War is on track to be around for a long time. Support for the range was a huge part of the game’s development – this was a fantastic opportunity to build in longevity from the ground up. If you still aren’t sure about backing, then just take a look at the massive plans we have for backers.

Steve Ævans played this game using The Walking Dead Playtest Rules

As a starting point, the range is made up of bitesize chunks – these make it easy for customers to buy into it a bit at a time, and they make it easier for us to continue creating new sets after the Kickstarter products have been and gone. New rules are as easy as a new character or equipment card – no need for updated rulebooks or downloadable addendums. The storyline in the comic series has already gone three times as far as our initial plans for the range, so there is a huge amount of material to draw on as we expand the game.

Miniatures aside, the gameplay and group-building mechanics have also been designed to seamlessly accommodate tournament play, and we are really keen to see this take off alongside the retail launch. We are planning organised play kits to help our retailers run events, whether they are tournaments with exciting prizes or narrative participation events to support the launch of each expansion. This is something that we are keen to introduce properly across all of our games, but The Walking Dead is the perfect platform to build it in from the start.

We want people to play The Walking Dead: All Out War, and keep playing it. We want to keep introducing new ways to play, new characters, new equipment, and new scenarios to keep you coming back. Our playtests have shown that every game is different, and we have a chance to make the most of that. Please, tell us what would keep you coming back, what you want to see in the future, and we’ll make it happen.

So far this week we’ve posted up a preview of the rules, the playtest edition of the rules as a free download, and Ronnie’s been on a live chat too. We also added in Kickstarter Exclusive Michonne and a set of plastic barricades as we head toward adding an entire Roamer Booster and a Kickstarter Exclusive Walker Ronnie figure into the Something to Fear pledge.

… and then we decided that we couldn’t possibly stop here and that we wanted to give you more. So we’re packing up the RV and heading over to the Greene Family Farm 😉

Phase 2 and a whole new wave of unlocks is about to begin!

‘You can see it from the road… if y’all are parked just up yonder you gotta be on sixty-four. You’ll snake around the road and it’ll be on your left. It’s a little further away by roared but you’ll find it easy.’ – Otis, Issue 10

You will get the Greene Family Farm Expansion – a product that would normally retail for $40 MSRP – as part of the Something to Fear pledge level at no extra cost.

The Greene Family Farm is the second expansion for The Walking Dead: All Out War after Atlanta Camp. It opens up the next series of narrative scenarios as well as a host of new gameplay options delivered through the kit’s event cards, new scenery types and collectible equipment cards.

The Greene Farm wouldn’t be as iconic without a barn and fortunately there is one included in the card scenery in the set, alongside hay bales that can be set on fire and fences to block walker routes.

There’s a new mat included in the set that features artwork for the farmlands to theme your games. This mat is designed to join up to the mats in the starter set and Atlanta Camp too.

Amongst the farm buildings there are new supplies to find, including a Leather Jacket and a pitchfork. There are also 6 new pieces of equipment to arm your survivors with, such as an antique rifle and an animal catcher. The only places you will find these equipment cards is in this expansion, so treasure them.

Rounding out the new gameplay the expansion also brings four new event cards themed to this part of the story.

Helping protect Hershel’s farm are Otis and Patricia, Otis is infamous for shooting Carl in the storyline, mistaking him for a walker. To make up for his misgiving, he leads Rick to Hershel Greene’s farm, where he and his girlfriend Patricia take up residence and begin assisting.

Of course, Hershel’s farm wouldn’t be complete without Hershel, and we promise he’s not far behind 😉

As we continue to unlock new stretch goals, more farm-themed survivors and walkers will be added to the expansion, taking it up to its full contents – and you’ll also be getting the second phase of miniature boosters from the retail range added to Something to Fear as well, such as…

You will get a new survivor for your group – Glenn – and his character card. The playtest rules for Glenn show him as a nimble survivalist who excels at escaping from enemies.

His tread lightly ability gives him a chance of not causing any noise when running and he also reduces the need for a group that includes him as their leader to spend an action when searching. A useful tactical addition to any group and an iconic character to boot!

Please help us spread the word – tomorrow we will be showing off some new imagery from The Walking Dead: All Out War ahead of games designer Mark Latham’s appearance on Beasts of War’s weekender.

The Walking Dead gameplay video will also be up on Beasts of War too!

So, in summary, over $250 worth of walker based goodness, for half that amount, you’d be mad not back! Head on over and lock in your pledge now!

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