We’re back for another exciting edition of Tactics Tuesday. Today Shane Knerl is giving you some tips for getting the most out of Enforcers in Deadzone. Plus, if you fancy getting hold of some of the specialists, like the Medic and Sniper, make sure you check the new Enforcer Command pack, which is in stores now!


The Enforcers are essentially the hand of the secretive Council of Seven. They Enforce the council’s will. These soldiers are enhanced far beyond the normal men and women of the various other corporations physically and mentally. They also tend to be the best equipped. They enjoy some of the best armor and weapons in the spheres. Even the basic troops use this Forge Father derived armor. All except the Pathfinders. These nimble scouts tend to shy away from the heavy armor in order to sneak around and use more guerilla style tactics.
It is said that they are “the Council’s will made manifest, the wrath of the seven given flesh and the greatest military force the galaxy has ever known”.


Ranged attacks. Every single unit or specialist’s primary strength is in its ranged combat abilities. They are, as I mentioned above, armored so they can withstand a hail of bullets as well. Snipers perch themselves atop high towers and roll a minimum of 6 dice (8 if you are unlucky enough to be caught in the open). Pathfinders use their ability to ‘TAG’ an opponent granting every other soldier with a Tag rifle an extra die when shooting that same target. Even their D.O.G. Drones make enemies duck for cover with their mounted Burst Lasers.

The fact that most of their units have jet packs also ensures that you can keep the enemy at arm’s distance while shooting away.


They do not really have many solutions for close combat. The average fight stat is a 6+. There are leaders and a few units that have a 5+ but even that is considered barely above average on an eight-sided die. If you get into close combat with these soldiers, you will have your work cut out for you.

Unit guide


Peacekeeper Captain

This hulking figure is one of the few models that has a 5+ fight stat, but by no means should you rely on this. They are better served shooting down their enemies while holding objectives or “Bastion”-ing their troops. The AP1 wrist blade will help however, if you find yourself in close combat.

Enforcer Sergent

This is the guy you want leading your troops when you need some speed. His ability to give models with jump packs a free sprint action will free up the remaining actions for shoot and special actions.

Pathfinder Sergent

When you want to overwhelm your opponent with firepower, this is your leader. They use their ‘splat’ to give a free target or “Tag” to an enemy model. Then they and the other pathfinders in your force can fire at will! Recon 3+ will also ensure that you have a great chance of winning recon rolls most of the time. Suppose you win and get to advance a few troops, then the Pathfinders have scout so they move up as well. You can quickly reach objectives or find the best vantage points before the enemy can even respond!

Enforcer Captain

Need to make your armored force even more survivable? Here’s your choice. Stalwart allows you to reroll any missed survive rolls. If you fear that you didn’t take enough armor or that you’re facing too much AP weaponry, this leader will make up for that through rerolls.


Assault Enforcer

This is one of the few brawlers in the enforcer ranks. With his AP(1) wristblade and Frenzy(1), he’s a great option for closing in on the enemy.


These are my favorite troops. Their Tag ability from their rifles allows a target to be tagged once, and then every shot from a Tag rifle from then on to the end of round will add another die to the roll. This coupled with height can be very deadly. They don’t have any armor though, so you really have to protect these guys.


This is the rank and file Enforcer personnel. They have armor and a great shoot stat. They were made to walk into a situation and neutralize with predjudice. They have a pretty poor fight stat though, so stay out of fist fights when possible.


Enforcer Specialists

Here’s where you get to add some shiny toys to a list build. The sniper with AP(1), sniper scope and 1 armor makes for a great killing machine. Have a hoard approaching? The incinerator makes quick work of those. Want to slow down your enemy’s approach? Burst lasers will make the most hardened enemies hit the deck.

Pathfinder Specialist

If you want to get one of the previously mentioned guns somewhere fast, give it to a pathfinder specialist. Their scout ability ensures a fast deployment of your best firepower.


Want to make a statement? When these units go boldly down firing lanes mowing down enemies without fear (from their size and 2 Armor), they will let your opponent know you mean business. Hand them a defender shield and now everyone around them (including them) will get an extra boost in defense… taking the Peacekeeper up to a whopping 3 armor.

Enforcer Medic

If you have a high point model in your list you may want to have the medic close behind them. Add this personnel to a list with the Peacekeeper Captain or the Peacekeeper specialists to ensure that if something should get through their armor, it won’t matter long because you can always heal them back up.

Enforcer Engineer

The engineer unlocks some pretty neat options for your force. Close down some killing lanes by setting a sentry gun or two up and force your opponent down a different path.

D.O.G. Drone

If you want a very fast and cheap option for suppression, this is your best bet. However, they are very fragile so watch out how open you leave them and by no means should you ever let an enemy close in. They do not have a fight stat so this would probably spell the end for the drone.


Enforcer Jetbike

These are amazing for advancing in early and engaging the enemy fast. Their sprint is 5 cubes… 5 CUBES! Add laser rifles with Weight of Fire(1) and you have a great front line option.

Enforcer Strider:
If you’ve ever seen a movie with a robot or ‘mech suit’ you have probably said, “I want one”. And with good reason. These ‘tanks with legs’ can dish out some serious punishment. With an armor of 3, they can take a beating too. They advance with scout, shoot on 4s, and fight on 5s. They may be pricy, but they are the swiss army knife of any Enforcer list.

Weapons and items

For your rank and file as well as your specialists, sniper rifles, Burst lasersand fusion guns will be your likely picks. If you have a bigger can you need opened, maybe you’ll want the AP5 power of a rocket launcher. Kit your Striders out with an equalizer to punch sizable holes in armored enemies. Perhaps you want to get dirty? Equip them with a chainsaw and flame thrower option to wade into battle swinging. The options in this force are great and numerous. Plan your arsenal according to your opponent. For competitive play though, make sure you bring a little of everything. Burst laser to slow the enemy down, Snipers to clear them out, and chainsaws because… well, because chainsaws.


There are several play styles that this faction provide. Go with a ‘Stand your ground’ force with a Peacekeeper captain and a few of his Peacekeeper friends. Go fast and hard with the Pathfinder Sergeant and several of his Pathfinder friends.  Whatever list you take, I would add the D.O.G. drone. For 12 points, he will lay down your suppression fire on the cheap.

My current favorite Enforcer list is:

  • Pathfinder Sergeant (22pts)
  • 4 Pathfinders (15pts per / 60pts total)
  • Enforcer Specialist with a Sniper Rifle (28pts)
  • Peacekeeper with a defender shield and a burst laser (39pts)
  • D.O.G. drone (12pts)
  • Enforcer Strider with the Heavy Burst laser (38pts)

I send the Pathfinders up via scout to set up somewhere high and start tagging the enemy. I couple the leader and sniper with the Peacekeeper so everyone gets his +1 Arm bonus. Then the robots (Strider and DOG) walk right up the center to soak up the bullets while mowing down the opponents force.


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