This weekend the Edge of the Abyss Kings of War campaign comes to an end. Over the past six weeks, the locations have changed allegiance several times and, even this close to the end, the final result is simply too close to call.

To celebrate the end of the campaign there’s a very special event taking place on Saturday… the Kings of War International Campaign Day! This is an opportunity for players all over the world to play everyone’s favourite mass fantasy battles game for a full 24 hours. Things kick off in Australia and events earlier in the day shape the battles that follow. Some particularly dedicated individuals even play for the full 24 hours.

There’s still time to get involved with the International Campaign Day and, if you’re quick, you can check the Facebook group to find a club or shop that’s taking part in your area. Even better you can take part here at Mantic HQ in Nottingham. That’s right, we’re holding a special event here at Mantic on Saturday, September 30th, which will give you the chance to play four games of Kings of War, plus we’ll be throwing in some food and spot prizes along the way.

What’s more, as an added bonus, former Rules Committee member and proud Yorkshireman Nick Williams has thrown down the gauntlet to battle it out with Mantic owner and proud Dwarf lover, Ronnie in a battle to the DEATH… or just until the end of round six. Originally Nick challenged Ronnie to a 2,000 point game but (always a man who likes things bigger and better) Ronnie upped the ante to 4,000 points. BOOM!

So, come along to Mantic to watch The Battle of Bulwell! Even if you don’t want to take part in the campaign day, you won’t watch to miss seeing this epic clash live. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to Nottingham, we’ll be live streaming the battle on Facebook this Saturday.

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