Hi Martin here. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are getting prepared for a exciting New Year Eve celebration?

Now… is it just me or does it feel like we have just got started with Terrain Crate [Reader response: no, it isn’t just you Martin]. After a great 18 months of releases, where we have barely been able to keep up with demand we are looking to push the Terrain Crate range into the stratosphere. Next year is looking jam packed full of products that will help bring your tabletop gaming to life!

First up is an introduction to a new range of minis for all your fantasy RPG games. Welcome to Dungeon Essentials…

The first two products from the Dungeon Essentials line are ‘Dungeon Dead’ and ‘Dungeon Creatures’. The keen eyed will recognise them as the bad guys from the Wild Hunt and B.P.R.D. Archives for Hellboy: the Board Game… now everyone can use them whenever you need some evil on your tabletop.

Dungeon Essentials launch in February.

With the Terrain Crate 2 Kickstarter shipping in April, the retail launch is planned afterwards (much like we did for TC#1).

Over several waves and ranging from blisters, medium sets and mega sets, we will release themed to retail throughout the year. The themes are:

  • Modern Apocalypse  – great for games like The Walking Dead or Ash Barker’s Last Days
  • Battle-Scarred Town – perfect for historical games, like Bolt Action or to mix in with your Walking Dead scenery
  • Gothic Manor – compliment your existing dungeon terrain with the Gothic Manor
  • Idyllic Village – a great mix of modern and more historical scenery for a huge selection of games
The Cityscape box – part of the Modern Apocalypse release
The Battlefield Ruins set – part of the Battle-scarred Town in July
It’s time to get spooky with the Gothic Grounds set – part of the Gothic Manor release

And we finish on some more great news. The GM’s Starter Set is BACK! Better packaging, better contents, same amazing price. This bestseller will be back on the shelves in February, so look out for it in your local store.

Plenty of great stuff coming up for TerrainCrate then in 2020 and the original dungeon terrain is still available in stores.

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