TerrainCrate is back and better than ever! Our original Kickstarter was a huge success and, thanks to your support, we were able to make a massive range of affordable, unbreakable and plastic fantasy scenery that allowed gamers to create the dungeon of their dreams, bring their RPGs to life or produce a battlefield worth fighting over.

But when it comes to terrain, we all know that more is always better! Although the first campaign included hundreds of pieces of fantasy scenery, we knew there were there other new and exciting genres that needed that special loving feeling that only a TerrainCrate Kickstarter can provide.

24 HOUR EARLY BIRD DEAL– all Crates cost just £60 and you can add as many Crates to your pledge as you want! When released, each Crate will be worth more than £100.

The Kickstarter ends 8pm (GMT) on March 7th so spread the word among your gaming communities. You can back by clicking here.


In a dark, dark house something stirs. In the bedroom, there’s a strange knocking from the cupboard, while down in the parlour, the piano keeps playing an eerie tune. The servant’s quarters are covered in cobwebs and dust, although fresh footprints are scattered across the cold floor. Outside, the family mausoleum and gardens are hidden in fog, but something can be seen skulking in the shadows. You’ll need to complete your investigation of Bleakwood Hall quickly and get out, before you become the latest victim of this ghostly place.

The Bleakwood Hall Crate contains: Gothic Manor, Servant’s Quarters, Grim Garden and Bleakwood Mausoleum sets.

Campbell Heights used to be a bustling town. Shoppers would flock to the Two Trees Mall, while the Crystal Peaks Campsite was a popular destination for families wanting to experience the great outdoors. But that was before the outbreak. Now, the factory’s machinery remains still, and the warehouse workers have fled. Well, most have fled. Those that are left have become shuffling corpses that groan and shuffle their way towards their latest victim.

The Bleakwood Hall Crate contains: Two Trees Mall, Survivor’s Stronghold, Crystal Peaks Camp and Abandoned Office sets.

The sound of laughter and conversation floats through the Bellevue Square. Children play in the park, chasing the ducks and squirrels. Lovers sit outside the café, admiring the statue of Lord Bleakwood before visiting the store for supplies, carefully wrapped in brown paper. Once finished they return home to their cosy cottage. No one talks about the Bellvue Hospital. Or the screams they hear from the grounds at night. Bellvue is a nice place. A quiet place. A pleasant place.

The Bellevue Square Crate contains: Market Day, Bellevue Hospital, Cosy Cottage and Peaceful Park sets.

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