Yesterday, we had a brief intro to our new TerrainCrate range. In today’s blog, we’re continuing with a closer look at the new TerrainCrate scenery and giving you a little insight into the background of the new releases.

First of all, let’s look back a little at why we created TerrainCrate in the first place. Initially we started with dungeon dressings – the sort of items you might encounter on a typical RPG quest. The reason for this was twofold:

  1. We saw that plenty of people were making the minis and tiles to use in RPGs but it was hard to ‘decorate’ the dungeons with cool terrain
  2. Many of the items that were available were resin, which can be slightly delicate, so you can’t just throw it in a box after you’ve finished your adventuring. Plus, it can be quite expensive

And so TerrainCrate 1 was born! This covered absolutely everything you may need for your RPG adventuring and fantasy wargaming/skirmish games. We had everything from walls and fences, right through to tavern pieces and a necromancer’s tower.

After the success of TerrainCrate 1, we wanted to follow it up with some more useful scenery that would be great for a range of games. There were some more gothic pieces that we wanted to finish off the fantasy range, but we also realised there was a great opportunity for modern scenery that could be use in The Walking Dead, of course, but also other modern and superhero skirmish games.

We looked at a whole heap of wargames and RPGs to consider what people might need and in the end we came up with the following themes:

  • Hospital – well, all outbreaks need to start somewhere!
  • Mall – again, this is a staple location for any zombie film
  • Office – modern furniture like this is great for scatter and for filling up some of those MDF buildings that are popular
  • Warehouse – a great addition to the office and also featuring some large pieces to block line of sight (like the fork lift)
  • Campsite – again, a great location for zombie-themed games

There’s also an abandoned factory. This is worth pointing out because this was designed with Here’s Negan: The Board Game in mind. The pieces included in this set are not only great for your skirmish games, but they also fit into the Here’s Negan scenarios too. We also imagine the Abandoned Factory set will find a home in numerous Deadzone games too.

With the modern TerrainCrate scenery, we think we’ve got some great options for a variety of gamers. Whether you want some scatter for Deadzone, objectives for your skirmish games or a location for your apocalyptic RPGs, TerrainCrate has you covered!

Tune in later in the week for a special treat for Walking Dead fans and head back on Friday when pre-orders will be going live!

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