The world writhes, seething with pain from an ancient wound. Fire bleeds onto its surface. Mad laughter fills the air as creatures beyond this world stalk forth from their infernal lair. The Abyss is opening and the world of Mantica trembles in its wake.


The Abyssals are a brand new army for Kings of War. Demons and tortured souls enslaved to the twenty-seven dark lords of the Abyss, they are the source of all evil in the world. Now available as high-quality plastic, resin and metal miniatures, the time has never been better to lead your own Forces of the Abyss to war.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be delving deep into forbidden lore, unlocking the tomes on nefarious devils and hording all of the information on these creatures. From building your first army, to painting up your collection, to their origins in the God War, we aim to cover as much of the Abyssals as we can.


On top of that, the stalwart adventurers from Dungeon Saga are daring to trespass in the Infernal Crypts – we’ll be taking a close look at this expansion for Dungeon Saga and how it can tie into your Abyssal forces.

In short – it’s going to get hot around here – stay tuned to the Mantic Blog for all of the updates!


The Forces of the Abyss are up for pre-order right now and will be shipping at the end of February!

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