This January sees the arrival of some reinforcements for the diminutive greenskins. In addition to the two revamped army sets, there’s a new hero and set of warmachines to to back up goblin forces on the tabletop.

Although Goblins are vicious and cruel by nature, they lack much in the way of bravado or courage. Goblins are often led by rare individuals of their kind who have the courage (or the stupidity) to lead their more cowardly fellows into battle – goblins known as ‘Biggits’. These canny leaders know that their army’s moral always hangs by a thread and are adept at manipulating their underlings into fight for them – to a point.


This new metal model comes with additional components for customisation. It can be used to represent a Goblin Biggit or King, or an Ogre Red Goblin Biggit.

When a full goblin horde does march to war, their advance is supported by a variety of unreliable weapons. The crews for these weapons enjoy staying as far as possible form the enemy, whilst causing as much damage as possible. The inherent risks of their war machines back firing doesn’t seem to bother one.

The Big Rocks Thrower, as its name unsubtly suggests, hurls boulders towards the enemies’ battle lines, each shot crushing their foes and gaining cheers from the rest of the goblin army. The Sharpstick Thrower has less destructive potential, but makes up for this by firing more quickly, giving the weapon a greater chance of hitting (for a goblin at least). Each spear-sized bolt that it fires can skewer a soldier in full plate armour, provided that it finds its target.


These two war machines are available as finely detailed metal sets, each one comprising of a full war machine and three crew. Goblin players have long extolled the virtues of their artillery, so you’ll want some of these to back up your greenskins.


The time has never been better to start a new Goblin army! We’ll be looking at doing that in a future post, so stay tuned!

Each of these sets is available for pre order and will begin shipping at the end of January!

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