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The Heroes of Dungeon Saga Origins – Danor

30th Apr 2024

Dan Mapleston

Welcome back adventurers – let’s meet our final addition to our dungeon-delving party, and complete our set of heroes!

Who could it be? Let us risk a little more light…*cue charging skeleton horde*…


In The Corridors of Power

Ballazar, Hegemon of Basilea, pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling the familiar throb of a migraine building behind his eyes. The City of the Golden Horn seldom ran smoothly, especially when it came to relations with the kingdoms of other races, but he usually at least had the luxury of dealing with them one at a time.

Strantos, his chief political adviser, continued in his practised, reassuring tone. “If I might make so bold sire. It wouldn’t do to let the Dwarf and the Elf wander into Dolgarth alone. It would seem appropriate that a representative be sent from our kingdom, given the accusations as to the identity of this…intruder.”

“That much is already obvious Strantos. However, who to send?”

“My Lord”, began Master Davarius. “If what we have heard is correct, then powerful magic is at work here. Whoever you send must be blessed with such talent of their own. The Order of the Ardent Light stands ready to assist.”

There was only one issue, and Strantos voiced it with his usual tact. “The path will be dangerous. A mage would need…adequate protection, perhaps even from their ‘allies’ as much as the threats they go to face. Someone from the Mercenary Quarter perhaps?”

Ballazar smiled at the suggestion. “Yes. What was the name of the barbarian fellow from a month back? The one who dealt with that Orc warband beyond the city wall.”

“Orlaf, sire.”

“Fetch him at once. And ensure he is aware of the…discretion required in the matter.” Strantos bowed and walked out of the chamber, leaving Master Davarius and the Hegemon alone.

“Did you have a suitable candidate in mind, Master Davarius?”

“Yes my lord. His name is Danor. One of our most promising students. If our suspicions as to the identity of the intruder prove correct, a practitioner of both his youth and discipline will be needed.”

And, he added to himself, he might just be the best hope that we have..

Danor, the Human Wizard

The Order of the Ardent Light is not unique in claiming some direct connection to Valandor the Great – every magical order in Basilea does the same. Where the Order of the Ardent Light differs is in only accepting candidates who can claim actual blood lineage to those who fought and learned alongside the legendary hero. Danor hails from such a family. What makes him unique is that the family itself has never broadcast the fact – Danor’s link was discovered purely by accident, and the family resisted his becoming an apprentice for a long time, though why they would do so was never clear.

Danor is a naturally gifted – if somewhat reluctant – student of the magical arts, and has consistently impressed his tutors from the beginning with his ability, if not his enthusiasm. As the most humble of their order, in terms of background and demeanour, the wise Master has declared that it should be he who treads the halls of Dolgarth in search of their former protégé…

It’s a Kind of Magic

Danor seems at first a little unremarkable. A seemingly ordinary young citizen, with average movement, modest fighting skills and almost no armour…

However…wait, because Danor is a wizard! And a thumping good’un at that…

Danor can select 2 sets of spell cards to use during the game – choosing between Pyromancy, Petty Magic, or Hydromancy. Each of these gives you three exciting spells to deploy – but we won’t spoil those for you! The special ability ‘Magister’ is also a useful trick to pull out of the hat at a particularly crucial moment…

Before every quest, Danor can choose which of his ‘feats’ will be available for the upcoming mission. These are special once-per-quest abilities that let you perform powerful abilities, and in this case, unleash even more magical power against your enemies. Check his feats out below!

Danor is all about using the right spell at the right time, and using him in close partnership with Madriga, Orlaf, and Rordin. They all have complimentary strengths and weaknesses – and once you and your family start using these heroes as a team you’ll be able to turn the tables and give the dungeon Overlord something to worry about!

Getting Started

There we are – you’ve now met the stars of Dungeon Saga Origins. So what next? Pick up the core game box of course!

This box of delights is also full of chambers to explore, monsters to defeat, treasure and new equipment to discover, and entertaining quests to tackle – all dispatching from the 20th May.

PLUS: this stunning family dungeon crawler can be enhanced even further (for free) with the power of the Digital Overlord – managing your quest map, saving progress between adventures, and bringing audio narration to your game nights!

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