The Mantic Open Day – October 2023

16th Feb 2023

Martin Thirlwell

Hi Martin here!

Following on from yesterday’s Brush with Death blog, I am once again happy to announce that tickets are now available for the 2023 Mantic Open Day! We are slightly earlier than usual and have moved the date to the 21st October.

As with every Mantic open day, the event will be jam packed with things to do, games to play and fellow gamers (and Mantic staff) to chat to! 

Of course, the classics will return such as… 

  • Playing some yet to be released games
  • Bobby’s amazing saleroom
  • Amazing gift bag (worth at least the value of the ticket!)
  • Paint and takes
  • Ronnie spilling all the secrets

…and much, much more!

Tickets are available here.

As always we cannot wait to see you at HQ!