Last year, we did a test to see if we could create a video battle report for our YouTube Channel. With the help and boundless knowledge of the Mantic Insider we came out with two-video coverage of a Dwarvern army facing an Undead Legion.


The video was a hug success and we had many calls for more and suggestions to help us refine the concept. Towards the end of last year, we filmed a second report, which will be the first of several to cover a narrative campaign; the Razing of Iyanalin. An army of Abyssal Dwarfs is Marching on the Forest of Galahir, to plunder the resources there for their own archaic needs. The Elven denizens of the forest are attempting to repel the destroyers, escalating into a larger conflict – the Abyssal Dwarfs appear to be after something powerful, hidden in the forest.

We’ll be adding to this as we go, but the first two videos are available to watch right now!

Introduction to the campaign

Scenario 1: Fueling the Furnaces

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