The Walking Dead: All Out War returns in 2024

1st Dec 2023

Ronnie Renton

Hi everyone,

Yes – you’ve read it right – ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ is coming back to life (no puns please)!



So, What Now?

First up, let’s get this show back on the road. For those of you who’ve played before, we’re sure all those fond gaming memories will come flooding back!


We’re kicking off (of course!) with the next wave of releases, agreed with our friends at Skybound as part of the relaunch.

You, the game’s loyal fans, have waited long enough for some awesome new content, so we have minis and rules already in development to keep the delay to a minimum.

So, at last – after the releases of the Whisperers and the Kingdom – it’s time to explore the Commonwealth: a strong and resilient network of survivors with their organized military, but this class-driven society isn’t without its problems…


We’re looking at the best way to launch this wave, alongside bringing back the game itself.

Expect that the Commonwealth release will have a heroes pack from this story arc of the comics – start speculating who below in the comments, and a pack of Commonwealth troopers, much like the Whisperers release.

We will also find a way to allow new players to come and join the adventurers. It seems there were lots of people who missed out on a few models in their collections, and we are aware that many late comers missed out on the early waves, so we will try and find a solution that allows everyone to get whatever they want to round out their collections, or join us afresh.

We’ll confirm everything once we’ve pinned down the final details, but expect pre-orders to go live early 2024, alongside the other options!


AMAZING! And Then?

Well, there’s more story to tell so of course we don’t plan to stop there! As long as the community is alive and kicking again (pun intended, this time!), then we also have further waves planned. We have plenty of ideas, but it was your dedication and enthusiasm that got this license renewed – so we will be actively listening to the community as we go on this journey together!


Okay, I’m Fired Up – How Long Do I Have To Wait?

Not too long – we’re already hard at work, and it’s obviously going to be a fantastic return. In the meantime, there’s no better way to celebrate than digging out the original game and getting it back on the table!


And if you fancy something NEW to keep you entertained over the holidays, we can heartily recommend The Walking Dead: The Dice Game to get immersed back into the world. This is a fast and easy-to-learn game that’s packed with great art from the original comics. It’s easy to learn, and built on the push-your-luck mechanics we’ve used in other games – but with a Walking Dead twist!




So yes everyone, IT’S BACK – and it’s going to be spectacular. It’s time to carry on with the very best zombie story ever told, right on your tabletop – with you and your buddies standing shoulder-to-shoulder against the end of the world.


Thank you for your support and helping make this happen,


Ronnie & The Team

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