The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter closes at midnight GMT this Monday (29 February), meaning that there are only 48 hours left to get involved!

How to back The Walking Dead Kickstarter

To get everything for the game we recommend the Something to Fear pledge level and both the Prison and Woodbury expansions for a total pledge of $205. This will get you in excess of $450 worth of Walking Dead plus exclusives before the end of the campaign.


The Something to Fear pledge level makes it easy to get started

Includes 77 stunning wargames miniatures, 106 essential game cards and everything you need to play.

Check it out – you get absolutely everything you see in the graphic below, with more to be added before the end!



It contains:

  • A deluxe collector’s starter set with simple getting started guide, rules for solo play and campaign rules.
  • All of your favorite survivors from The Walking Dead comic to expand your faction
  • Equipment cards to customize your group for casual and competitive play.
  • 2 expansions introducing new gameplay and narrative scenarios, adding more replayability to your game, new mechanics and scenery like the RV and barn.
  • 26 individual walkers so you can build your own herd
  • Plastic scenery including abandoned cars and barricades
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Abraham, Michonne, Walker Ronnie, Sheriff’s Badge Initiative Counter and more to come!

Some of the miniatures will not be available at retail for at least 6 months to a year after you receive it giving you bragging rights with all of your friends!


Expand your game with the Prison and Woodbury

Introducing lots of new gameplay, The Walking Dead: All Out War expansions take key story arcs from the comic and represents them in game form with a series of scenarios allowing you to play out the events. They each introduce a few new rules to add a twist to the core game and are an essential item for all you completionists.


Both the Prison and Woodbury are optional add-ons on the Kickstarter. They include 4 new survivors each, 2 walkers and a whole bunch of scenery, event cards, equipment cards and a new mat.

For the Kickstarter only there’s a whole bunch of free characters included with each expansion – Woodbury gets you the Governor whilst the Prison gets you Morgan and a new Michonne!

Michonne with Walkers 2


Remember – there are just 48 hours to go. Please pledge your support.

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