Welcome back Walking Dead fans! Our exciting Wave Six week continues with a chat about the upgrade cards for Call to Arms. “Hang on, what about the equipment cards for All Out War?” cries an imaginary and indignant blog reader. Well, for that you need to check out our blog from yesterday, which teases some of the items you’ll find in the Wave Six boosters.

Back to Call to Arms though and it works a little differently. Rather than being spread throughout the boosters, you’ll find Call to Arms equipment in the Rick, Alexandria Leader booster and Maggie, Hilltop Leader booster. “But why IS that?” It’s indignant blog reader again folks. It’s because these boosters also contain the Call to Arms faction cards you’ll need before you can play as each faction, so it makes sense to include the Call to Arms cards – otherwise you could pick up a booster with the cards and have no clue how to use them.

So, in today’s blog, we’ll look at those faction cards and a couple of Call to Arms upgrade cards too.


As you can see, Alexandria Survivors have access to four Special Items: ATV, Knapsack, Listening Device and Rope. Each of these will work in a slightly different way compared to their All Out War equivalent.

Here’s the Listening Device, for example. We imagine this will be extremely useful for locking down enemies and stopping key rival survivors in their tracks.


If you’re familiar with the Hilltop storyline from the graphic novels, you’ll know they’ve got access to some pretty wicked (if primitive) weaponry. As a result, Hilltop residents have exclusive access to Longbow, Backpack and Jesus’ binoculars, alongside melee weapons, Hilltop Spear and Sword.

For our key item, we’ve chosen the Longbow. Forget machine guns or pistols, all you really in the apocalypse is a trusty longbow!

Remember, Wave Six of The Walking Dead (including the new show exclusive King Ezekiel) will be going up for pre-order on the Mantic website this Friday. Make sure you’re signed up to the Mantic newsletter to find out once it’s live.

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