Hope you enjoyed last week’s Walking Dead week. However, among all the new game announcements, info about Wave Five and sneak peeks of the future. However, there was one blog we couldn’t quite squeeze in! Although the Walking Dead is growing all the time, with more players trying to survive in the Walker-infested landscape, we’ve yet to see a tournament that lives up to the big reputation of All Out War. So, step in the guys at T&G Productions and their Conflict 2018 event…

Conflict 2018 is the UK’s (possibly the world’s) biggest All Out War Tournament and the only one to have a custom narrative that guides players through the campaign of Conflict. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to what you can expect from Wave 5 with the map-based campaign.  Players will bring their Survivor Groups and play 5 gruelling games where working alongside your opponent may be the only way to win. That being said, in the world of The Walking Dead who can you truly trust?

Held at the Game Forge in Manchester, every player will bring a 250pt crew made up of all your favourite characters from the comics. Plus, as an extra treat for this year, each player can create a 50pt custom character to represent themselves. Once they’ve carefully crafted their squad of Survivors, they will play through five custom scenarios designed by Paul from T&G Productions and meticulously play tested by a crack team of players.

“I have designed the five scenarios to firstly be fun and challenging, but also to ensure that the trials the players go through are similar to what the survivors face in the comics,” said Paul.  “Walkers are an ever present threat in The Walking Dead world, that goes without saying.  However, trusting other survivors, communities and groups is generally the best way to make it and prosper… but ultimately they’re also out to ensure they survival, so trust can only go so far.

“To get the maximum amount of event points you will need to be cunning, ruthless and willing to make the hard choices.  Work with your opponent until the time is right to set your sights on them.  I will be very surprised if anyone takes maximum event points.” Well, if that doesn’t sound like a challenge, we don’t know what does!

Conflict 2018 is designed to appeal to players of all levels, not just hardened veterans.  No ‘list’ will be beneficial in all scenarios and at the end of the day the dice need to be in your favour and no one can prepare for that.

The Swag Bag

One thing the guys at T&G Productions have made sure of is that no attendee goes home empty handed, everyone who purchases a ticket and attends the event is going home with a Swag Bag of awesome goodies already worth well over £75.00. These also include the 2018 event exclusive Prison Advisor Dale booster.  These swag bag are included with your ticket price and will need to be collected on the day.


Yes the tournament will also have those: Champion of Conflict 2018, runner up, best painted, Player’s Player of the Tournament and plenty more.  There are also plethora of spot prizes in the each of the five rounds (there is a price on Carl Grime’s head so be warned). Thanks to all this – and the great scenarios – Conflict 2018 will make for a very rewarding day indeed.

Here’s Negan!

Yes, Mantic Games is going to be there to and we are bringing along a board game you may have heard or read about recently.  That’s right, this will be the first opportunity for fans in the UK to try their hand at Here’s Negan. Will you please the boss or be on the receiving end of a ‘chat’ with Lucille?

There may also be a nice sneak peek into more of Wave 5 before the award ceremony, so that is not to be missed either.

Conflict 2018 is being held this year at the Game Forge in Manchester on 25th August 2018.  Tickets are Priced at £20, which includes 5 Games of All Out War Lunch, a swag bag and a chance to try out Here’s Negan.

For more information check out the Facebook Group;


Tickets can be purchased via PayPay;


If you can’t make Conflict 2018, be sure to subscribe to T&G Productions YouTube channel for streams throughout the day. And for a taste of what’s to come, check out this great play through from T&G.

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