Kicking off our new releases for The Walking Dead: All Out War is the iconic Governor’s Trophy Room!

This is a super-detailed Limited Edition resin set, produced in-house here at Mantic HQ. It’s designed to be used as terrain in Woodbury using the Made to Suffer expansion – fitting perfectly into the appropriate room marked on the gaming mat. You could even combine this set with the Woodbury Housing Estate to recreate Woodbury in fine detail. Ideal for collectors and gamers alike!

The focal point of the set is, of course, the Governor’s ‘trophies’. The heads of those who have displeased the tyrannical leader of Woodbury are stored in fish tanks, on display for his own amusement (and personal brooding time). Each of these heads is individual and the selection even includes the head of Scott Moon – infamous for asking why the Governor needed the fish tanks – and finding out the reason.

Brian Blake, The Governor

While the scenery is great, this set also comes with two miniatures ready for your games of The Walking Dead: All Out War. The Governor is my personal favourite sculpt of this character, cutting a very imposing figure as he stands with his firearm at the ready, carrying another severed head for his collection. There’s a dressing over his ear on the other side – following one of his injuries from the comics. There’s also an Exclusive Character Card for him – Brian Blake, Trophy Collector.




We’ve taken a tiny bit of poetic license here – this scene never actually takes place in the comics, but the Governor and Michonne face-off so many times that this scene is a great reflection of their ‘relationship’. The new sculpt for Michonne included in the set is stood on guard with her trademark katana, with a look of seething anger and determination on her face. The Governor has a tough fight on his hands here – who will blink first? Like the Governor, Michonne is also supplied with her own exclusive Character Card – Michonne, Beaten but not Broken.

So, with exclusive cards, amazing resin sculpts, and a fish tank full of heads, this set is the perfect companion to Made to Suffer, or a great project for any miniatures collector.

The Governor’s Trophy Room will be available to pre-order this Friday, but quantities will be limited (as it is a Limited Edition), so make sure you’re ready and don’t miss out!

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