Dungeon Saga was a huge success for us in 2015. This is owed entirely to our generous Kickstarter backers, who’ve supported the production of this amazing game. In addition to the core box game, several other expansions were funded. In a theme with our recent posts, we’ll be taking a look at the Abyssal release. So, delve down into the Infernal Crypts.


The expansion comes with a host of new miniatures, tiles, rules and background. Hidden in the depths of the Abyss lies a legendary alchemical ingredient, capable of amazing powers when brewed into a potion. Unwilling to risk the trip himself, an ambitious, if misguided, alchemist has enlisted the help of a group of Adventurers. They don’t need to know where they are going or what they will face, only what they will be retrieving. Transported into the fringes of the Abyss, they will be amongst the Abyssal legions of the Champion Drech’Nok.

Two of the heroes, the Barbarian and Dwarf, return from the base game. In addition, the Basilean Sisterhood Venetia and Naiad Demonhunter Arianna join the quest. These two have new miniatures included in the expansion and are also available in their Legendary versions separately. The other heroes share models with their core game counterparts.


As you descend into the fiery pits, your heroes will face demons in service to the wicked ones. Lower Abyssal and sorcerous flame bearers. Elite Abyssal Warriors and Molochs, devilish hellhounds and raging Efreet, and more. These are all represented by stunning models to oppose the doughty Adventurers, which can also be used to add to an Abyssal force for Kings of war. You could also use the heroes to lead your kings of war forces into battle.


The story is spread across five new scenarios, as well as a host of new rules and abilities to add to your own games with the Adventurer’s Companion. This includes an experience table, new equipment and item cards, as well as invisible overlord and uncharted dungeon cards, which you can use in conjunction with the Adventurer’s Companion. Hours upon hours of fun! So, dare you brave the fires of the pit?

Dungeon Saga: Infernal Crypts hits shelves in March.

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