Twilight Kin – April 2023 Update

13th Apr 2023

Dan Mapleston

Cloaked in the magic and corruption of the Void, their ranks consist of twisted nightmarish forms that wield elegant and deadly weapons. The more they steep their souls into the Void, the more lethal they become…

Back in September 2022, we revealed our plans to rework and reimagine the Twilight Kin army for Kings of War. This meant that they were deliberately left out of the 2022 Compendium, so that when the time was right, we could reintroduce them and give them the full attention they deserve!

Well, they’re coming later this year and we can share a little more…

Dungeon Saga Origins

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen the Twilight Kin have a full expansion for Dungeon Saga Origins. This amazing new dungeon crawler is in its final days on Kickstarter – ending Saturday 15th April at 3pm. If you haven’t already, you need to see this…



This is your first opportunity to get a really good look at the new direction that we are taking with the Twilight Kin. The sculpts in this game are absolutely gorgeous, or should that be terrifying?

Let’s hear from the design team behind the new Twilight Kin!

Studio Notes: Origins was the first chance to present the new direction for the Twilight Kin. The new style is strongly tied to their relationship with the Nightstalkers, leaning into organic-looking armour, rather than archetypical serrated plates. Are we looking at metal or something living? Best left to the imagination perhaps! There’s also a theme of hidden eyes, or extra eyes, across both the Twilight Kin and Nightstalker sculpts that further builds that sense of strangeness. We kept coming back to the goal to make them cool and unsettling, without resorting to full-on horror.

You can see a clear hierarchy in the range, reflecting how much time they’ve spent in the void, and the darkness of their deeds. Neophytes are the lowest of the low (looking almost classically elven), although they are rarely seen on the battlefield. The towering Impaler and Soulbane are heavily layered in organic armour shapes. You start to question if it really is armour, or perhaps more like the outer shell of an insect. And then we have the Summoner Crone, who shows us what sacrifices the Twilight Kin will accept in the name of power…




Kings of War

As we draw closer to their reveal, we feel it’s important to remove the current iteration from the Mantic Companion Kings of War List Builder. The intention is to ensure players don’t start designing/building/collecting a Twilight Kin army list that will soon look and function very differently.

This means plenty of all-new hard plastics are coming, alongside a range of accompanying resin heroes and monsters. Finally, Kings of War players will be able to field a full Twilight Kin army, and it’s going to be suitably weird, twisted and awesome! Our studio and rules committee have been hard at work to make sure that they look and feel truly unique on the tabletop.

You may have heard that we have new Nightstalker releases about to launch very soon – and don’t worry, we’ll be back to talk about those ahead of release. The excellent news is that the Twilight Kin will also be able to field some of these fantastic new kits. Not only do they walk fearlessly alongside the Nightstalkers; they dominate them and bend them to their will. 

Watch this space!

Team Mantic

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