There is a wound in the earth would never heal. It bleeds and writhes with the torment and hatred of those trapped inside. The Wicked Ones, imprisoned for all eternity, constantly plot their dominion over the mortal world and this malice seeps out of the earth surrounding them. This place is the Abyss, the centre of all evil in Mantica. Corrupted beings are drawn here like moths to a flame. Orcs roam around the edges of the chasm, whilst Abyssal Dwarfs raise their infernal fortresses at either end. Men, elves and other creatures gather also, drawn to the whispers of dark power, or captured as slaves.


When the constellations are in alignment and the power of the wicked ones waxes strong, their infernal legions march forth. Cackling and spiteful devils march alongside muscled behemoths. These demons are lead by the foulest of their number, second only to the trapped gods themselves. They are the Forces of the Abyss and the world screams in their wake.

With the Forces of the Abyss just released for Kings of War, we thought you’d like to see the new models in more detail. Check out the Force of the Abyss Unboxing video above!

We’re trying a new format with these videos – adding another talking head (me!), although I need some practice with the close cam. Let us know what you think and what we can improve on!

The Forces of the Abyss are available to buy right now, from our Webstore or any good Hobby Retailer!

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