The gaming hall at Mantic HQ has been up and running for quite a while now. Since opening, we’ve started a Friday Night Gaming Night, opened up for shopping/gaming on a Saturday, held an OverDrive Boot Camp and an Armada tournament. But for 2022 we’re upping the ante with more tournaments, the return of tours, Mantic Open Days and lots, lots more! In today’s blog, we’re running through some upcoming events – and you can buy tickets now!


Named after the legendary event mentioned in the background for OverDrive, this promises to be an action-packed day with four games of OverDrive. Choose your six favourite players ahead of the tournament and then select three each game, using the alternate drafting rules. The Bulk Grogan Memorial Trophy will also feature the launch of the OverDrive organised play packs. All attendees will receive alternate player cards for the six players included in the core game. Here’s the alternate artwork for Synechdoche… mmm, tentacles!

Also, stay tuned OverDrive fans, as the next Rivals pack will be going live later this week! The launch of Gnaw and Alpha Simian will take the available roster of players to 10.

Buy your ticket for the OverDrive tournament here. Limited to 12 players.


We all know that Kings of War is one of the easier wargames to play… but what if you’ve only got 25 minutes per player? Even worse, what if you’ve only got a tiny 15 minutes?! Countdown is a fast-paced Kings of War tournament in which the time per player reduces throughout the day. You start with a luxurious 25 minutes per player for the first two games, before reducing to 20 minutes for games three and four, then just 15 minutes for the final match up.

Riftforged Orc Mega Army colour shot

This is actually a great format for new players or those that want a tournament with a twist. Plus, it has the added benefit of you only needing a 1,000 point army. You could start a new army today and have that ready for February… no problem!

Buy your ticket for Countdown here. Limited to 16 players.


After a successful Broadside tournament earlier this year, Armada is back for another fun-filled day of cannon fire, boarding actions and raking fire. Broadside II promises to be a great event for all you wannabe captains out there.

Buy your Broadside ticket here. Limited to 12 players.


Deadzone: Third Edition is here, so it’s time to kick off the tournament scene. We’ve already seen a number of Deadzone tournaments popping up in the UK early next year, so we’re keen to organise our first Deadzone tournament here at Mantic HQ. We’ll have four games throughout the course of the day – two at 150pts and two at 200pts (so you can cram all your favourite units in).

Buy your ticket for Containment here. Limited to 16 players.


Kings of War doubles tournaments are always a really great way to get some tournament experience and have a fun time. The benefit of a doubles tournament is that you, hopefully, got someone that can offer some tactical advice when you’re not quite sure what to do.

Halfling Mega Army Colourshot

Plus, the other benefit is that each player only needs to paint up a 1,000 point army – so you’ve got a combined total of 2,000 points. This means that doubles are a great entry into the tournament scene for newcomers… or those that want to blame someone else when it all goes wrong. Can Rob and Martin’s ongoing rivarly lead to a glorious victory, as the Riftforged march alongside the superior goblins?

Buy your ticket for Duel here. Limited to 16 teams (32 players in total).

We can’t wait to see you at one of these events!